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What is WPC (Wireless Planning and Coordination) | WPC License Full Form | WPC Full Form

WPC full form -

WPC is the National Radio Regulatory Authority as well as is the segment of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) which was discovered in 1985 under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.      

Under DoT, WPC provides the certification to the manufacturer to sell, produce, and import the wireless equipment. Thus, WPC certification is essential to sell or manufacture wireless equipment, without this, you won’t be able to sell goods in the Indian market.

What is the primary task of WPC?

Since the WPC full form is clear, let's understand primary task of WPC, that is to allocate and monitor the radio frequency spectrum and issuing the radio license. This is done to ensure that the products are safe and secure.

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Approvals Issues By WPC

1. Equipment Type Approval (ETA) | ETA Approval

A manufacturer needs to obtain a WPC ETA certificate to function in the de-licensed frequency range. However, under WPC ETA, frequency bands which acquire license-free status, if your product has been operating under prescribed frequency, you are not required to obtain the WPC certification.

How to obtain ETA approval?

To obtain the ETA certificate, you are required to submit the application affixing the Radio Test report that too, accredited by the certified laboratory. 

Consequently, JR Compliance will provide you with the finest assistance in filling the application form, in the process of documentation, etc., being in direct contact with the WPC officer or laboratory. 

Some of the products which fall under the ETA type approval are,

  • Mobile phones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Wifi technology
  • RFID and others
2. Demonstration License

To demonstrate the wireless equipment you require a demonstration license. This license is a non-network type license. 

Though, the demonstration of the wireless equipment should only be carried on the particular frequencies and emissions.  

To be noted, to obtain the demonstration license, you should have a justifiable Dealer Possession License (DPL), though, if you lack one, then you have to apply for the same.

3. Experimental License

As the name implies, to conduct the experiment on the wireless equipment which is a network license you are required to obtain the experimental license. Like a demonstration license, you are required to possess the DPL license before acquiring the experimental license. 

On the contrary, if you lack the DPL license, you have to apply for it.

4. Internet Service Provider (ISP) License

ISP license will be required by the company that desires to provide internet services in India. Accordingly, ISP license has been divided into three types depending on the area and scale of the range, 

Category A: ISP license under category A provides the services to the entire India.

Category B: This category incorporates 20 Territorial Telecom Circles along with 4 metro cities. Besides including metro cities, it also includes 4 other cities, namely, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. 

Category C: This category involves the DOT-defined Secondary Switching Areas (SSA).

5. Dealer Possession License (DPL)

DPL is issued to the dealers and distributors of the wireless products. The purpose of this license is to preclude individuals and firms from possessing, selling, and transferring wireless devices or lookalike equipment to other individuals and companies who also do not have a justifiable license.

On the downside, obtaining the DPL could be tedious, however, JR Compliances encompasses an expert and professional team who can assist you in obtaining the DPL.

6. Non-Dealer Possession License (NDPL)

NDPL is the exact opposite of the DPL license (Dealer Possession License) as it is issued to the individual and firm, who is neither a dealer nor possesses any WPC license. 

Despite these facts, it initiated to hold the wireless products under its custody.

7. Import License

As the name implies, this license is issued to allow the manufacturer to import the products in India. Under this, each license includes a quota to ascertain the number of products that can be imported.

JR Compliance will assist you in filling the application of all the mentioned WPC approvals, for this, we are directly coordinating with the WPC officials which ensure appropriate follow-ups, process, and so on and forth. 

Here, let's understand more about WPC ETA registration -

An Overview on : ETA Self-Declaration Certificate | ETA Approval

As mentioned ETA Self-Declaration Certificate is required for equipment falls under de-licensed band. 

Though, it is to be noted that - ETA certificate is applicable on the products which meet below-mentioned conditions -

  1. Exempted from licensing requirement as per Import Policy of DGFT.
  2. Operating in de-licensed frequency bands.

Some of the example of the products under ETA self-declaration certificate are mobile handsets, laptops, smart watches, microphones, earphones, etc. 

Therefore, any product which comes under the range of ETA self-declaration certificate as prescribed by the authority is required to obtain an ETA certificate. Moreover, RF report is an obligatory requirement (issued by the accredited laboratory) to obtain an WPC ETA registration.

Once an ETA certificate is issued, you can sell/ distribute/ imported a product in India. However, to import the products falls under ETA self-declaration, you must the submit an undertaking and ETA certificate to the Custom authority.

Obtaining a ETA self declaration is quite comprehensive and could be challenging which is why having a professional expertise in field is essential. And who could be surpass the top-notch compliance services of JR Compliance.

With the experience of over 8+ years, including providing over 2500+ ETA self-declaration certificates - we are the perfect choice to comply with WPC requirements.


Mandatory Products Under WPC

Wireless keyboards

Wifi router

Wireless mouse

Wifi smartwatch

Wireless Nano USB

Hotspot devices

Wireless terminal

Bluetooth headphones

Wireless pen drives

Wireless POS terminal

Wireless speaker

and others

To check the complete list of mandatory products under WPC, check the official website of the DOT.

Note- There would be individual tests for each type of product.

Systematic Process to Obtain WPC Approval

The registration form needs to be filled along with the required documents.

Submit the registration fee along with filling the registration form.

After registration, the products will be tested to ensure that a product has met the prescribed standards.

Further, if a product withstand the prescribed standards, the WPC application will be accepted, and the the license will be obtained.

To be noted, a factory inspection is not required to obtain a WPC certificate.   

JR Compliance has experience of 8+ years in providing exemplary services to reputed brands like Samsung, Milton, Newline, etc. Also, we provide 100+ corporate services at a reasonable price. Further, by ensuring reasonable pricing, we also provide you one-tap access to our services by using modern technology. Herein, we will provide you most appropriate services.

Our Role in WPC Approval

Our consultants will educate you concerning each and every aspect of the WPC approval.

We fill the WPC registration form on your behalf to prevent any error as it can result in the rejection of an application.

Our consultants will assist you in documentation, evaluation, etc.


To ensure proper testing of the equipment, we will directly coordinate with the laboratory to ensure proper acknowledgment as well as follow-ups.

In case of any query, our expert team will provide you with the finest solution.

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To conclude, acquiring WPC approvals could be tedious, yet, essential as without this a manufacturer won’t be able to sell or import wireless equipment in India. 

However, JR Compliance has a professional and experienced team who are capable of making the process of obtaining WPC approval unchallenging as we directly coordinate with the WPC officer to ensure appropriate follow-ups and acknowledgments.

Thus, don’t look further and reach out to us immediately.

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