What is ISI Mark & How to Obtain it?

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What is an ISI Certification Scheme ? | ISI Certification in India | ISI full form 

ISI full form - Indian Standards Institute, ISI is the certificate scheme under BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) which confirms that a product withstands the BIS standards which ensures safety. 

ISI certificate allows you to use the standards mark, i.e., ISI Mark. Since 1955, the ISI mark is the standards compliance mark for industrial goods. This mark ensures that the product has abide by the Indian Standards which are laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards (national standards body in India which confirms that the product is secure and credible). 

Under the ISI certificate, a total of 346+ products falls, which requires an ISI certificate mandatorily, without which the manufacturer won’t be able to manufacture and sell products in India.

What is ISI mark?

ISI mark is the standard compliance mark which conforms that a product is made as per the standards laid by BIS. 

Who is authorized to provide an ISI mark?

BIS is authorized to provide the ISI mark through proper examination, evaluation, documentation, etc. This process ensures that a manufacturer has been following the standards and instructions laid by the BIS. 

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Benefits of ISI Certificate in India

Legal Benefit

ISI certification offers legal advantages to a manufacturer such as it allows the manufacturer to produce the goods which fall under the mandatory list. Above all, it prevents you from legal issues such as debarment, fine, or both, which manufacturers could have to face if they fail to acquire the ISI certificate for the mandatory product. 

Market Advantages

Having the ISI certificate will provide a market advantage over uncertified products like the uninterrupted and unchallenging production of products. Not only that, but the ISI certificate also verifies that your products have been manufactured by following proper standards, which ensure safety. 

Provides Competitive Advantage

As mentioned, ISI certified product signifies the exemplary quality of the product, which provides the manufacturer a competitive edge. Because a consumer always prefers a certified product.

However, an uncertified product can get magnificent sales overnight, yet, it lacks quality, unlike certified products. Still, an uncertified product fails to satisfy the consumer, this will eventually affect your revenue.

On the contrary, an ISI-certified product provides you an edge over your competitors by ensuring a high-quality product. Hence, it could result in high revenue.

Market Access

A certified product provides a wider market because it signifies better quality along with conformity of following safety standards and consumer security. 

A product with an ISI mark would be more trustworthy and credible, hence, would be in great demand as compared to the uncertified product. This will provide you wider market access.

Primary Objectives of ISI Certification

It increases the customer satisfaction and enhances the customer goodwill.

Reducing Wastage of Resources & thereby minimising the costs of production.

Confirming delivery of high-quality products to consumers.

Provide better growth prospects to the business.

Provide a guarantee of safety and quality of products.

Mitigation product rejections.

List of Products Under ISI Certification

Food and food-related products
Batteries (multi-purpose dry)
Electric transformers
Cattle feeds
Auto-mobile accessories
Kitchen appliances
Oil-pressure stove
Chemicals and fertilizers
Air Conditioner and its related parts
Medical equipment
and others

Documents Required to Obtain ISI Certificate in India

The legal identity of the establishment (GST certificate, Partnership Deed, Certificate of Incorporation, etc).

Flow-chart process including all the manufacturing process, information regarding in-process control of each stage, including outsourced stages.

If applicable, submit the product or component drawing.

In-house testing report.

A list including information of raw materials used and a replica of test certificates of raw materials.

A layout plan indicating the location of considerable manufacturing machinery or laboratory.

Details of manufacturing machinery.

Documents of a brand trademark.

List of quality testing persons & Copies of Certificates of Qualification of Quality Control Personnel.


Factory location plan from nearby railway station or airport or landmark and guidance regarding how to reach the BIS office.

Microsoft Excel icon

List of test equipment.

Undertaking or Declaration will be provided by us.

ISI Certification Process

The application form needs to be filled.

Further,  a factory inspection will be conducted for the assessment of manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control, and testing capabilities.

During an inspection, a product sample will be drawn for testing in a third-party laboratory.

To review, the test report of the product sample will be used.

Finally, you can obtain the certificate, if your product complies with the laid standards.

ISI mark

To be noted, it is not easy as it seems, though, with the assistance of the JR Compliance, you can effortlessly make this tedious process unchallenging because we possess the required knowledge regarding what is ISI mark and how to obtain ISI certificate. Moreover, we are an award-winning compliance service provider who guarantees to meet the time constraints without compromising test methods.

Reasons for the Rejection of the ISI Application

There are occasions when the BIS may reject the application for ISI mark registration. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • In case of failure on the part of the manufacturer to help the visiting official during the factory visit;
  • If the firm has not cleared financial dues of the BIS;
  • If the samples drawn for testing fail the test;
  • In case of non-conformity in factory testing of the sample product during the second visit.
  • If the firm hasn’t submitted proper documents or has submitted incomplete documents;
  • If there is not enough or lack of facilities for testing;
  • If there is any major deviation in the manufacturing facility from the declared facility;
  • If there are not enough technical personnel with the manufacturer;
  • After submission of application where the samples are not submitted for testing;
  • If the applicant or the firm indulges in some unethical practice;

Before the bureau rejects such an application, it will give a 21 days’ notice to the applicant. The applicant will be heard in person or through a representative. In case where the reasons provided by the applicant are not satisfactory, then the application would be rejected by the bureau.

Our Role in Obtaining ISI Certificate

We will educate you concerning what is ISI mark and how to obtain it. 

We will check whether a product falls under the purview of BIS or not, including whether a product complies with the BIS standards or not, then, after mutual understanding, the project will move forward. 

Obtaining an ISI certification is no easy task, however, there is no better place to obtain it than JR Compliance because we will analyze the product requirements to give clear guidelines.

JR Compliance has experienced ISI certificate consultant, who can assist you in the documentation, evaluation, and examination.

We are equipped with the necessary resources to conduct a virtual pre-audit and an on-site pre-audit, if required.

Our ISI certificate consultant will schedule a meeting with the BIS officer for a factory audit.

If you lack an in-house testing facility, we will help you in setting up one.


We will coordinate with a BIS accredited laboratory for product testing.

As a leading compliance service provider, JR Compliance will assist you in the custom clearance of the sample products.

You can expect reliable and punctual service delivery as we will also visit the BIS office on your behalf if required.

We invest our sustained efforts to meet the startled queries or demands of BIS.

In case of any concern, we assure to provide the finest solution.


With 8 years of experience, JR Compliance- an award winning compliance service provider have helped manufacturers with over 1500+ projects. Born out of a passion for adding value to the business, problem-solving, and a determination to deliver practical advice to businesses of all sizes. 

We provide the IT and telecommunication system manufacturers to get their products certified from BIS India along with the Product Testing and Approval Services from WPC, India.

JR Compliance, with its wide network of partners, is working in over 20 nations and has made global certification and approval quite easy.

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Have questions? We've got answers.

What is the validity of ISI mark certificate?

It is valid for only 1 year.

Who can use an ISI mark certificate in india?

Any producer or manufacturer whose product meets the BIS standards can apply for this certification in India.

What is the penalty imposed for misusing an ISI mark ?

If any manufacturer misuses an ISI Mark, he or she will be penalised with a penalty of Rs. 50,000 along with imprisonment for up to 1 year.

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