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Technical Compliance Services

Technical compliance is adhering to the technical requirements, laws, and standards.

(We make technical compliance certifications effortless and convenient)

BIS Consultancy

We provide top-notch BIS Consultancy and help you get BIS ISI, FMCS an CRS Certificate for your products in no time.

TEC Approval

We have the best TEC certificate consultants who exceptionally utilize their skills and knowledge to provide you complete support and assistance to procure a TEC certificate.

WPC Approval

JR Compliance provides you with the finest assistance throughout the process of obtaining WPC certificate.

BEE Certificate

JR Compliance can assist you in obtaining the BEE certificate as we have the
team of professionals who ensure proper documentation and evaluations.

AERB Approval

Obtaining AERB certification is essential to manufacture or import medical diagnostic X-ray products and other machinery with radiation that could be harmful to the end-users.

FSSAI Certificate

FSSAI license ensures the quality of the food and other food-related products. JR Compliance can help you get the license easily.

ARAI Approvals

Our team will coordinate with the authorities directly to ensure proper follow-ups, documentation, etc to obtain the ARAI approvals.


Our team has been providing exemplary services to our valuable clients by ensuring proper coordination, follow-ups, and acknowledgment by keeping the need of clients in mind.


EMC/EMI Testing

Electromagnetic Interference testing determines the electromagnetic energy which affects the functioning of an electronic device. Moreover, Electromagnetic Compatibility testing determines if a device works properly in a shared environment without affecting the functioning of other device within the same environment.

RF/Wireless Testing

Radio Frequency Testing includes Immunity and Emission testing. Equipment is exposed to RF disturbances and fields with field strengths and frequency ranges from their operational environment in Immunity Testing. Emission testing monitors the equipment for RF Immunity and Emissions under normal operation.

Safety Testing

This testing makes sure that electrical equipment between 50 to 1000 V for Alternating current and 75 to 1500 V for Direct current are highly safe to use. All health and safety risks are covered, giving the end user complete protection.

Environmental Testing

A product is tested under extreme environmental conditions to measure and maintain the performance e.g. extremely high and low temperature. This testing is useful for Defence, Space equipment etc.

Global Reach -

Manufacturers all over the world desire to expand their business into global markets, especially the developing countries. However, they have to encounter various regulatory requirements to maintain the safety and environmental disciplines in a country.

Consequently, complications in obtaining global certificates or homologations are expanding, which is affecting the market access of the product.

JR Compliance has a wide network of partners in 20+ countries, who guarantees to provide you global certifications and approvals with proficiency. We have a team of 200+ experts who will guide you through the first to last step of certifications.

Global Compliance Certification Services

Global compliance certificate guarantees that global subsidiaries of multinational corporations comply with the local requirements.

(JR Compliance comprise the knowledgeable and experienced team who assures to provide you complete support in obtaining global certifications)

CCC-China Safety and EMC

China Compulsory Certification (CCC) is the passageway to sell products in the Chinese market. Moreover, there are mainly three certification bodies, i.e., China Quality Certificate Center, China Information Security Certification Center, and China Electronic Standardization Institute.


The Federal Communications Commission regulates each form of telecommunication in the US comprising radio, television, Bluetooth, digital cameras, wireless devices, etc. It assure that electronic devices comply with FCC regulations.

EAC-Russia Safety

EAC certificate demonstrates that a product has complied with the Eurasian Economic Union Regulations and standards for trading and custom clearance.

KC-Korea Safety and EMC

Korea Certification (KC) mark demonstrates that electric or electronic equipment complies with Korea’s product safety requirements.

NOM-Mexico Safety and EMC

Norma Oficial Mexicana certificate is mandatory to sell electronic products in Mexico because it signifies that a product complies with the NOM and mandatory energy efficiency requirements.


Conformitè Europëenne (CE) mark is an administrative mark with which a manufacturer and importer assure its conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards of a sold product in the European Economic Area.

Indian Corporate Compliance Services

Corporate compliance refers to the approach of business firms, companies, and organizations to follow the rules, regulations, and policies that apply to their business. 

(We will provide you the guaranteed solution of corporate compliance, including 100+ services)

JR Compliance guarantees to provide you complete assistance in registering your business, startups, firms, or other kinds of business with ease.

We guarantee to provide you our assistance in filling annual and monthly returns such as TDS return, ROC return, GST return, etc.

JR Compliance comprises experience, knowledge, and professionalism, which is an appropriate combination to provide you assistance in obtaining a trademark and copyright registration.

JR Compliance assures to provide assistance and consultation services for tax registration, tax audit, etc.

We will assist you in completing the groundwork, documentation, and form submission from the first to the last step.

We assure to assist you in obtaining various legal documents such as Certificate of incorporation, DIM, PAN, TAN, etc.

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Trusted By 100+ Global Brands

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