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What is Income Tax Return?

Income tax Return (ITR) is filing of a form to the Department of Income Tax which includes information regarding an individual's income and tax of a year, including income from salary, profit and loss from business and profession, income from property, and more.

So, there is that, now the question arises, who needs to file ITR?

Who Needs to File ITR?

The basic definition of - what is Income Tax Return, is not tough to understand, but the real question arises is who needs to file it? 

Below-mentioned are the individuals who are required to file ITR -

  • If an individual's income is above the prescribed amount, i.e., Rs 2,50,000 as per Income tax Department.
  • It is mandatory for all the corporate entities to file an ITR.
  • An individual earning taxable income, example 10-12 lakh.

However, if an individual fails to file the income tax return, a notice could be issued against them and a legal action may be taken if no further action is taken by the concerned individual. In addition to that, failing to file ITR could also result in deduction of high TDS. 

On the other hand, if an individual or corporate entity is filing ITR on time, they can avail several benefits, which we will discuss in the next section. 

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What Are the Benefits of ITR Filing?

Considering that you need expert assistance to meet your ITR filing requirements, you are at the right place!

JR Compliance - an award winning compliance service provider, we are equipped with all the resources to take care of any compliance requirements in respect to How to file income tax return online step by step, be it TDS return filing, GST return filing, company registration, BIS registration, EPR approval, and more - we have got you covered.

Documents Required For Income Tax Return Filing

Employer certificate

Tax proof

PAN card

Balance sheet, if applicable

ATC and other deductions

Annual Income Statement

income tax department

How to File Income Tax Return Online Step by Step | How to File Income Tax Return? | Filing of ITR

Log in on the official portal of ITR through credentials.

Required information will be filed carefully as per instructions.

Further, provide your CIN number and click on “Pre-fill.” Consequently, some of the fields would fill An appropriate method verification will be chosen., such as the company’s name or address. 

Once the method of verification will be chosen, the form will be previewed and submitted.

E-verification will be done though any of the moths - EVC generated from bank, Prevalidated Bank Account, and Prevalidated Demat Account.

OTP/ EVC will be entered. 

ITR filing is done.

These are a few steps involved in ITR filing or a brief understanding of how to file income tax return, though, lack of knowledge, not availability of required documents, variations in turnover, and more could result in imposition of huge penalties. Moreover, even if you are dealing in selling or buying of shares, you are required to provide appropriate information (while filing of ITR) because the government will obtain all the information through Annual Information Statement (AIS). Therefore, it is better plus authentic to provide all the information to your consultants while understanding how to file income tax return online step by step.

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Filing of ITR/ understanding how to file income tax return online step by step, seems to be an easy affair, it might be, however, it might get complicated if you lack knowledge or have inaccurate knowledge regarding - how to file Income Tax Return. Typically, a faces consequences due to turnover variation or if an Aadhar card is not linked to PAN, and more. 

On a positive note, these can be easily ignored, if you are aware of - How to file income tax return online step by step. Get in touch with us to filing of ITR, GS return, MSME return, ROC return, and to meet compliance requirements of BIS certificate, WPC certificate, EPR authorization, and more.

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