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Since 2013, JR Compliance has been providing 360-degree compliance services to startups, firms and establishments with the motive to make compliance services unchallenging for everyone.

Because the Government of India has established several parameters to ensure the safety of the final consumers, including providing high-quality products to the consumer. That includes completing the prerequisites to survive in a competitive environment because these prerequisites act as fundamental factors that help an establishment to grow and develop.

Be it BIS, BEE, TEC, AERB, FSSAI, including Company Registration, Private Company Registration, OPC, NGO, and any other corporate compliance service and business registration, we are equipped with all the resources and experts to provide reliable and competent compliance services, including global services. 

That’s why we will be responsible for following the systematic registration process, including filing the registration form, documentation, testing (if required), inspection (if required), and coordinating with the authorities for proper follow-up and acknowledgment - we have got everything covered.

Our mantra is to provide technical compliance certifications with click access and at a reasonable cost.

Key Faces of JR Compliance

Rishikesh Mishra

CEO, JR Compliance

Lalit Gupta

Vice President, JR Compliance

Jai Kumar

Administrative Officer, JR Compliance

Rishikesh Mishra

CEO, JR Compliance

Lalit Gupta

Vice President, JR Compliance

Jai Kumar

Administrative Officer, JR Compliance

Our Other Team Members -

Achievement at a Glance

In 2020, the world was abrupt due to covid-19, however, our services sustained and maintained customer rapport. Moreover, we are pleased to inform you that JR Compliance is Awarded by Future Business Awards 2020 as “Best Diversified Compliance & Legal Service provider in India.”

Also, JR Compliance is the ISO 9001:2015 Certified company and has received prominence in Nation and International News along with satisfying the highest number of clients, nationally and globally.

Our Approach

Since 2013, our scope of services has extended prominently. We align our services with the automation and customer empowerment tools, which are most preferable by our customers due to the convenience they provide.

Moreover, our services are not restricted to India only, as we have a broad network of partners in over 20+ countries because manufacturers/establishments from all over the world prioritize global market access, especially in developing countries.

JR Compliance - an award-winning compliance service provider assists startup firms, global leaders, and establishments to accomplish their goals by eliminating the global complications, which could be the stumbling block in reaching the global market.

We care about our clients, which is why we are equipped with all the experts and resources to complete the certification process, now and as long as you are our customer. Additionally, we are an action-oriented compliance service provider that believes in investing our sustained efforts in completing the task assigned to us within time constraints.

Why Are We #1 Compliance Service Provider?

We understand that a business with global presence is the business which is sought after, that’s why, our professional and experienced team is committed to provide competent, responsive, and excellent compliance services. 

Moreover, we are aware of the complex certification process, documentation, technical aspects of the certification, and any other aspects which a certification/ registration process might include, that enable us to provide 100% support to our client. To add, if required, we also coordinate with the authorities to ensure appropriate follow-ups and on time delivery.

We are one of the leading compliance service providers in India with the experience of over 8+ years, we are aware of the know-how of the business registration or Indian corporate compliance. 

From a novice to expert, we have created appropriate understanding with various departments of the Ministries to keep ourselves abreast with the latest information regarding business registration  or Indian corporate compliance certifications.

With the partners in over 20+ countries, JR Compliance has been providing its consistent services globally, without compromising the quality. To achieve this goal, we have constantly coordinating with the officials of the countries to keep ourself updated with the prerequisites of the certifications. 

Moreover, to allow our client to reach out to us to avail our services, we have an integrated approach that allows one click access.

We have provided exemplary services to domestically and globally recognized brands such as Milton, Sennheiser, Samsung, Decathlon, Sony, Newline, and more. 

Additionally, most of these reputed brands are still our customers because we provide premium support through educating our client regarding each aspect of the certificate, including suggesting the most appropriate approach after adequate research.


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