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What is the Import Export Code?

Import Export Code (IEC) is the 10-digit code that is obligatory to obtain by every importer and exporter establishment in India. An IEC is the fundamental business identification code issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce.

Is it mandatory to obtain IEC registration?

Indeed, obtaining IEC registration is mandatory, without which export and import must not be authorized unless especially exempted. However, IEC is not compulsory to export services, excluding the service provider is taking benefits under Foreign Trade Policy.

What is the validity of the IEC certificate?

After completing IEC registration, an importer and exporter must not acquire it again because it’s permanent. 

Thus, once the Import Export Code is registered, it does not require renewal or update unless an IEC of an establishment is surrendered or the business has terminated.

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Benefits of Import Export Registration

IEC registration is important because, without IEC, an establishment can not continue exporting and importing in India unless it is specially exempted. 

If an importer or exporter fails to obtain the IEC, first, they won’t be allowed to engage in importing or exporting. However, obtaining IEC once is enough as it does not require an update or renewal. 

Moreover, it also eliminates illegal import and export because it allows the authority to supervise and appropriately regulate the transactions undertaken as a part of cross-border business.

As mentioned, without obtaining an import-export code, importing or exporting will be prohibited in India. Consequently, an IEC allows the establishments to engage in import or export to reach the broader market globally.

Therefore, allowing you to reach customers from foreign countries will grow the business by leaps and bounds.

An IEC registered establishment avails subsidy and other benefits as declared by the Export Promotion Council, Customs, and other authorities. 

Moreover, after filing the LUT and GST, the exporters can export without paying taxes. On the contrary, if the exporter makes the payment of taxes, he has the authority to claim the refund of the paid amount.

What Should be the Nature of the Firm to Obtain IEC Registration?

Below-mentioned firms can apply for import export code,

Sole Proprietorship


Limited Liability Partnership



Hindu Undivided Family

Documents Required For IEC Registration

PAN of the applicant and company.

Certificate of incorporation or Partnership deed.

Bank account statement of a company.

Address of the establishment.

Identity proof of applicant issued by the government.

A canceled cheque.  

IEC registration

Note - The documents required to apply for import export code could differ depending on the type of business structure.

Online IEC Certificate Process

The registration needs to be done by entering the details such as name, contact number, email address, pin code, state, etc.

After entering the required information, the captcha will be added to obtain the OTP.

Now, credentials will be used to log in. Moreover, to apply for import export code, the online IEC certificate process differs for existing or new user,

  1. Existing users must link their profile to the user profile (keep digital signature digital token with you before connecting).
  2. In the case of a new user, apply for IEC. 

For a new registration, you are required to affix necessary documents.

After submitting the documents and information, import-export code will be received, and the application will be further processed.  

At last, the Import-Export license will be issued to you after the verification of documents.

Our Role in IEC Registration

We guarantee to educate you regarding how to apply for the import export code. 

We will assist you in the process of documentation and registration to avoid inaccuracies that could result in the rejection of your application.

Our consultants will guide you to obtain online IEC certificate for new or existing users.

Our team will ensure a smooth process while being in direct contact with officials to avoid any issue and complete the startled demand of the officials with ease.

Our IEC registration consultants will provide you with the most satisfactory solution to your concerns.

A woman assisting a few people in IEC registration


Because it is mandatory to acquire the IEC certificate to import or export goods, procuring the same is uncomplicated. However, including wrong information in the application form or not affixing required documents can reject the application and delay the registration procedure. 

Ergo, to apply for import export code, you require an experienced, professional, and knowledgeable consultants will keep you informed and guarantee to provide you assistance and support from the first to the last step of the online IEC certificate process.

Well, you are at the right place for exemplary services. We have a team that comprises all the qualities mentioned above—JR Compliance, Delhi-based compliance service provider is an appropriate choice to assist you in obtaining the registration.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.

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What is RCMC certification?

Registration-cum Membership is a certificate issued by the Export Promotion Council, a recognized authority under the Government of India. An exporter/importer is required to acquire this certificate to export/import the restricted products.  

What are the requirement for obtaining IEC?
  • PAN card of the establishment.
  • Bank Account in the name of the establishment.
  • Valid address proof of the establishment.

Note - On issuance of the IEC, DGFT might physically visit the address of the establishment for verification.


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