Annual Filing With ROC

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What is Annual Filing with ROC?

Companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 or the Companies Act 2013 must file the audited financial statement with ROC. 

In simpler words, it means a company must file the annual return form or audit financial statement to the ROC.

What is ROC | ROC full form

ROC full form is - Registrar of Company is the office that works under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), which controls the administration of every company and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Thus, MCA can control all the establishments and LLP that falls under the Companies Act 1956 or Companies Act 2013.

Moreover, in India, every company needs approval from ROC for incorporation. Thus, once an establishment files an application for incorporation, ROC will provide the certificate of Incorporation after scrutinization.

What is the penalty on non-filing of the annual return?

If a company fails to file the annual return on time, you must pay Rs 100 per day until the annual return filing is complete. 

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Benefits of Annual Filing With ROC

If a company fails to file the annual filing with ROC, a penalty would be imposed on the same. Thus, ROC filing must be completed before the due date to avoid legal issues. 

The annual filing includes the compilation of the company’s total accounts of a financial year. Thus, it assists in analyzing or determining the company’s financial position.

The regular filing of annual filing with ROC allows the government to keep a record of the company’s existence. On the contrary, if a company fails to do so, it won’t be considered ROC approved, which can be regarded as fake.

Annual Filing With ROC (E-Forms) | ROC Return Form

Form 23AC
Filing balance sheet
Form 23ACA
Filing profit and loss account
Form 23AC-XBRL
Filing balance sheet in XBRL format
Filing profit and loss account
Form 20B
Filing annual return
Form 66
Filing compliance certificate
Form 21A
Filing annual return
Form AOC-4
Filing financial statement and other documents 
Filing statement including salient features of consolidated financial statement of a group
Filing XBRL documents regarding financial statement and another document group
Form MGT-7
Filing annual return

Pre-requisites to Complete When Filing ROC Return Form | Pre-requisites to Complete Annual Filing With ROC

If you don’t have a Director Identification Number (DIN) or Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), you must apply for the same. 

You must register the DSC of the authorized signatory or signatories on the official portal of MCA.

If there is an error in the Master Data of the company, you must rectify it from the respective ROC office. 

To fill the ROC return filing form, you must download the latest e-form and instruction kit. 

Understand the instructions before filling the form, and ensure proper internet connection when filing the form. 

For PDF conversion, you can use the PDF conversion provided on the MCA portal. Consequently, an excel or word file can be uploaded for conversion. To find the converted PFD, check your provided mail.

Documents Required For Annual Return Filing For Companies | Documents Required For ROC Return Filing

Profit and loss account

Balance sheet

Cost audit report

Annual return

Information regarding a change in ownership, if any

Information regarding shares and debentures

NOTE- The requirement of the document can change as per the type of e-form you are required for ROC return filing.

Systematic Process of Annual Filing For Companies | ROC Return Filing Process

Visit the official MCA portal and click on the “My Services tab.”

From the link “Downloads e-forms,” download the form as applicable. 

Further, provide your CIN number and click on “Pre-fill.” Consequently, some of the fields would fill automatically, such as the company’s name or address. 

Now, fill the rest of the fields and affix the documents as required. Though, the total size of the e-form, including attachments, must be above 2.5 MB.

Lastly, click on “Check Form.” On the contrary, if you have not provided any detail, you will be alert about the same. 

Fix the essential inaccuracies and click on “Signature Box,” affix the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) by clicking on “Sign and save as.”

 At last, click on “Pre-scrutiny,” and your form will be locked, in case it is error-free.

Note- In case of any error in ROC return filing, you will get notified, which needs rectification. Click on “Modify” and follow the instructions as prescribed. 

Our Role in ROC Return Filing

Our ROC registration consultant guarantees to assist you throughout the ROC return form filing process to make the process smooth and ensure utmost efficiency. 

Our ROC registration consultant assures to provide you complete assistance in the documentation. 

Our ROC return form filing consultants will ensure to rectify the mistake, if any, made during ROC filing. 

If a company does not have DIN or DSC, our ROC registration consultant guarantees to assist you in obtaining both documents. 

Our ROC  registration consultant guarantees to complete the ROC return form filing error-free to save your time. 

Our ROC registration consultant will meet your expectations we invest our efforts in completing all the required formalities.

Our ROC return filing experts will provide you a most satisfactory solution to your queries. 


ROC return filing could be challenging for an applicant because its filing is not only confusing, but you are also required to complete pre-requisites. Hence, any wrong information or documentation could result in late filing of the NOC, vis-a-vis penalty on the applicant. 

Consequently, our ROC filing consultants at JR Compliance guarantees to complete the ROC return filing process as and when required without any inaccuracy, along with ensuring your convenience. Furthermore, we believe in providing the finest quality services in Delhi or any State/UT of India, which is evident because we have assisted global brands such as Samsung, Milton, Sennheiser, and more in obtaining various certifications.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact our ROC registration consultant immediately.

Have Questions? We've got answers.

What is Pre-scrutiny?

Pre-scrutiny is an option that you are required to choose when filling the e-form. After clicking on this option, the system will notify you in case your application includes any error. However, if not, it will lock the information.

What will happen if I do not pay ROC return form filing fee at any authorized bank branch?

If you fail to make the filing fee before the expiry period of the challan, your form must not be approved, and you are required to file the ROC form again. 

Can you do a revised filing of the already filed form?

Indeed, you can do a revised filing of the already filed form, excluding 23 AC or ACA and 23 AC-XBRL or 23 ACA-XBRL. Though, for the revised filing of the already filed form, you must pay the fee for the same. 

How can the defaulting status of the company be removed?

The company which has been marked as default must pay all the due annual and balance sheets to remove the defaulting status. 

Whether the defaulting status of the company is available on the MCA21 portal?

Indeed, you can see the year-wise default status while viewing the Master data of the company. 

Who should sign the annexure of the Director’s report?

According to Section 134 of the Companies Act, the same individual must sign the director’s report and annexure. 

How can I check the status of the Annual filing with ROC (e-form)?

To check the status of the annual e-form, you can visit the official MCA website. 

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