Asset Reconstruction Company Registration

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What is an Asset Reconstruction Company?

Under the Companies Act, 2013, Asset Reconstruction Company is a specialised financial institution engaged in purchasing bad loans, NPAs from banks, and financial institutions to clean their balance sheet. Moreover, it acts as a bank recovery agent as it takes over the loans and advances from the bank and financial institutions for recovery.   

This company has been set up with an objective of securitization, and it also needs registration from RBI. Also, it is regulated by Section 3 of the SARFAESI Act, 2002

Additionally, for the acquisition of financial assets, the scrutinization or reconstruction company becomes the financial asset owner and acts as a lender bank/FIs.

Is Asset Reconstruction Company registration mandatory?

As per notification No.DNBS.1/CGM(CSM)-2003 (dated March 7th, 2003), every Scrutinization and Asset Reconstruction Company must apply for the registration and obtain the registration certificate from the bank according to Section 3 of the Act.

What is the mission of Asset Reconstruction Company?

The objective of an asset reconstruction company is to pursue the common interest, i.e., ensure efficacious management, reforming the scrutinization business, and asset reconstruction. Hence, creating stakeholder value.

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Documents Required For Asset Reconstruction Company Registration With RBI

Asset Reconstruction Company Registration Process

An application form needs to be filled as prescribed by the Act.

When filling the application form,  all the required documents will be affixed.

After the submission of the appliction, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will examine the records, assets, and books of the reconstruction company to ensure whether all the conditions are fulfilled or not.

The certificate from the RBI will be obtained if an Asset Reconstruction Company satisfies the standards laid by RBI.

Note- RBI also holds the authority to reject the application if the company fails to withstand the prescribed standards.

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Our Role in Asset Reconstruction Company Registration

We will assist you in the process of Asset Reconstruction Company Registration from the first to last step of registration.  

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We guarantee to provide you with complete assistance in the examination of the company by RBI.

We will directly coordinate with RBI officials to ensure proper follow-ups.

To meet your expectations we invest our efforts in completing all the required formalities.

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An Asset Reconstruction Company registration with RBI is essential before commencing its activities. However, the registration process of an asset reconstruction company could be tedious. Thus, to register an Asset Reconstruction Company, you required experienced personnel.

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