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What is ARAI Approval/ ARAI Registration?

Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is an autonomous body associated with the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Enterprises which was established in 1966. ARAI is a ruling automotive research and development organization of India that was established by the Automotive Industry with the Government of India.  

Moreover, ARAI certificate is also recognized as the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO). Along with this, as per the notification by the Government of India ARAI is the primary Testing and Certification Agency under Rule 126 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.   

Further, the role of ARAI is not restricted to testing and certification of vehicles but it also plays a significant role in ensuring safety, low pollution, more efficiency, and authentic vehicles.

Is ARAI approval/ ARAI certificate mandatory in India?

In India, obtaining the ARAI registration or testing is mandatory regardless of the two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. Consequently, it is essential to acquire the ARAI approval to manufacture the vehicles in India. 

Thus, ARAI certificate provides the comprehending certification and homologation services to every type of automotive vehicle, system, and component. Further, it also tests and certifies the following vehicles and engines which are used for automotive and non-automotive applications. Apart from testing and certifying the vehicles, ARAI certificate also assists the vehicle manufacturers to export homologation activities.

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ARAI Approval Required For Below-Mentioned Vehicles

In the case of two-wheeler vehicles, a manufacturer would require an ARAI certificate for a vehicle that operates on petrol, CNG, LPG, or diesel with an engine capacity above 25 Cubic Capacity (CC).     

Construction Equipment Vehicle (non-transport vehicle).

You are required to obtain the ARAI approval for the three-wheelers, viz, passenger or goods carrier, fully built vehicles, vehicles operating on petrol, LPG, CNG, or diesel with the engine capacity above 25 CC. Also, ARAI approval is required for the vehicle with power above 250W and speed above 25 KMPH

The two-wheeled electric vehicles possess power above 250W and maximum speed design above 25 KMPH.  

Agriculture Tractors.

Finally, in the case of a four-wheeler, you need approval for electric vehicles, passenger or goods carriers, fully built vehicles, etc. Along with this, approval would be required for the vehicle that operates on petrol, LPG, CNG, or diesel with an engine capacity of over 25 CC.

How to Get ARAI Approval | Process of ARAI Certificate

Start by determining the engine family or model family of an engine of the vehicle according to the instructions provided in the ISO 8178- 7. 

Though, a final decision of deciding the parent engine and family classification is vested with an authorized agency.

A supplier is required to apply for the Type Approval to a certification agency recommended in Rule 6 of the GSR 771 (E), and amendments vide GSR 232 (E).

Further, the above-mentioned certification is responsible for the verification of the manufacturer’s COP (Conformity of Production).   

Now, finally, you can fill the application form for Type Approval as per Annexure-II and V by filling in all the required details such as parent model, test results (if any), etc.

Later, depending on the information provided by you, the certification agency will determine the family, parent model, and its variants.  

In the later stages, there would be testing of the parent model (certification authority holds the authority to test more than a model). 

After this, if the type approval application has been submitted for a model, the certification agency will determine whether it belongs to the family of an already certified model or not.

Further, the sample of the engine of the vehicle needs to be submitted for testing as proclaimed by the certification agency to check the emission level. 

At last, if the supplier’s engine passes the testing, you can obtain the Type Approval certificate. 

On the contrary, if the engine sample fails the testing, the supplier would be required to repair, modify and replace the engine. After this, the revised application needs to be submitted. 

Note: If the manufacturer fails to repair, modify, and replace the sample in 3 months, then the application of the supplier will be considered withdrawn. Thus, the supplier will have to submit the fresh application again. 

Understanding how to get an ARAI approval/ ARAI registration could be tedious and time-consuming. However, our experienced and professional team can certainly handle all your concerns.  

For this, our consultants will coordinate with the ARAI registration authority directly to ensure proper follow-ups, documentation, etc because we realize the importance of certifying or obtaining the ARAI registration. Thus, our team will sustain its efforts to obtain the ARAI approval and we ensure to provide the high-standard services at a reasonable price.

Our Role in Obtaining the ARAI Approval

Our ARAI registration consultants will educate you concerning each and every aspect of the ARAI approval, including how to get an ARAI approval.

Our ARAI registration consultants will assist you in filling the application form for the ARAI certificate.

We will ensure a smooth procedure by ensuring proper documentation, evaluation, and testing to obtain ARAI certificate. 

Our ARAI certification consultants will provide you proper guidance during the approval procedure.

To ensure proper testing, we will coordinate with the certification agency.

Our ARAI certification consultants will directly coordinate with the ARAI officials to ensure proper follow-ups and acknowledgments to obtain ARAI certificate.

In case of queries, we will provide you with the best possible solution for your concerns regarding ARAI certification/ ARAI registration.

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To conclude, JR Compliance can assist you in obtaining the ARAI approval by ensuring proper documentation, evaluation, testing, etc because acquiring ARAI approval/ ARAI certificate could be monotonous. Moreover, to make our client understand each aspect of the ARAI approval, we will educate you regarding the same, including how to get an ARAI approval.

Along with this, delay in document submission, or filling incorrect information in the application form could delay the process.

Thus, to avoid such inaccuracy contact our expert and experienced team immediately for professional assistance and support in ARAI registration.

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