EPR Certificate - A Certificate For E-Waste Management

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What is an EPR Certificate? | EPR Certificate Meaning

EPR stands for Extended Producer's Responsibility. EPR Certificate is mandatory for Indian Manufacturer / Importer of products for E-waste management. EPR Authorization is given by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) under MoEFCC, Government of India.

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Is an EPR certificate mandatory in India?

For manufacturers and importers, it is mandatory to procure the EPR certificate to keep E-waste under control. However, if manufacturers or importers fail to acquire the same, they won’t be able to operate in India.    

Along with this, manufacturers or importers have to face debarment, fine, or both.

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Benefits of Obtaining EPR Certificate


EPR certificate lessens the dependence on other waste disposal methods such as burying or burning (these produce toxic gases such as sulfur oxide, formaldehyde, dioxins, and furans, etc) which is dangerous for human beings when inhaled.  

Apart from affecting humans, it also affects the structure of the land.

Additionally, EPR also diminishes the efforts of local municipalities in maintaining the waste physically and financially because EPR ensures proper recycling and refurbished products or their parts.

Following the EPR plan not only has these benefits but also encourages integrated management of the environment by giving prominence to product life.

As mentioned, the EPR plan manages to amplify the ease and promptitude of dissembling the products for the process of recycling and reuse.  

Thus, you can reuse the product without affecting the need for new raw materials.

EPR promotes the conservation of natural resources, lessens the quantity of waste, eradicates pollution, etc. All these sums up sustainable development, which is essential for the consumers and the manufacturers.

Mandatory Product List

Categories of electric or electronic equipment
Electric or electronic equipment code
Information technology and telecommunication equipment:
Centralized Data Processing: Mainframes, mini frames
Personal computers
Laptop computers
Notebook computers
Notepad computers
Printers comprising cartridges
Copying equipment
Electric and electronic typewriters
User terminals and systems
Pay telephones
Cellular telephones 
Answering systems  
Consumer Electric and Electronics:
Television (either Liquid Crystal Display and Light Emitting Code Technology)
Washing machine
Air conditioners, except the centralized air conditioner
Fluorescent and other mercury-containing lamps

Documents Required For EPR Certification

1. Documents Required for Sole Proprietor/OPC/LLP and Partnership Firm

  • GST certificate
  • Importer Exporter Code (IEC)
  • Sole proprietor or Authorized Signatory KYC
  • To demonstrate the ownership of the site, submit the rent or lease proof.
  • Excel sheet including details of imported products.


2. Documents Required for Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company

  • Earlier mentioned documents.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Certification of Incorporation (CIN).
  • Company’s PAN card.
  • Board Declaration for Authorized Signatory.

Accordingly, our team guarantees to assist you in the process of documentation to avoid every possible inaccuracy. Thus, we will ensure a smooth procedure. 

To make the process of obtaining an EPR certificate easy, our EPR consultants will educate concerning how to get an EPR certificate without any hassle and challenge as we comprise the experience of 8+ years. Above all, we guarantee to avoid any inaccuracy.

How to Get an EPR Certificate?

The application form will be filled by providing general information such as the name and complete address of the producer, Authorized person, or detail of electric and electronic equipment, etc. 

Information regarding estimation of E-waste generation of Electric or Electronic Equipment item-wise needs to be provided, including estimated target collection of the impending year.

Information concerning the overall strategy to attain Extended Producer Responsibility obligations needs to be provided, inclusive of targets. 

If applicable, the information regarding reduction of hazardous substances compliance, through self-declaration and another declaration that it possesses the technical documents on RoHS will be provided for verification as and when required. 

Moreover, the application form will be submitted along with the required documents.

After submission of the application, CPCB will review the application.

Moreover, the application form will be submitted along with the required documents.

If required by CPCB, the additional information will be submitted.

At last, an EPR certificate will be obtained from the CPCB.

JR Compliance consists of a team of experts consultants who understands your business and provides you with the most satisfactory solution to your query regarding how to get an EPR certificate. Not only this, but we will assist you throughout the process of EPR certification because we care about our clients, that’s why we comprise all the resources and experts to provide 100% assistance.

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Our Role in EPR Registration

You can expect reliable and punctual filling of the application form. 

Our EPR certificate consultants will assist you in the process of documentation and evaluation.

Our EPR certificate agents are equipped with the necessary resources to track your application. 

We will directly coordinate with CPCB officials for proper follow-ups and acknowledgments to ensure the availability of all the documents or information whenever required by CPCB.

We invest our sustained efforts to meet the startled queries or demands of CPCB.

To meet your expectations we invest our efforts in completing all the required formalities.

Being the finest EPR certificate consultants, we provide the most acceptable solution to all your queries regarding EPR authorization certificate.

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To recapitulate, EPR authorization certificate is essential from the perspective of society, consumers, manufacturers, and importers because it ensures safety, lessen wastage, encourages sustainable development, reuse of product, etc.        

Also, without acquiring the EPR certificate, a manufacturer or importer won’t operate in the Indian market. Thus, to operate in India, it is mandatory to complete EPR registration.  

To make the process of obtaining an EPR authorization certificate unchallenging, our EPR consultant team will guide you regarding how to get an EPR certificate without any hassle and challenge as we comprise the experience of 8+ years. Above all, we guarantee to avoid any inaccuracy. 

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.

Have Questions? We've got answers.

Who provides the EPR certification?

According to the Rule 13 (1) (Management) Rules, the 2016 Central Pollution Control Board (under MoEFCC) holds the authority to grant, renew, and reject the EPR certificate for Electrical and Electric Equipment (EEE).

Additionally, as stated by the environmental policy, the producer is responsible for contracting the environmental impact and controlling the product and its waste after its expiration period. Thus, it monitors the E-waste of electronic and electrical products.

What is the validity of EPR?

EPR is valid for 5 years, however, you have to renew it subsequently by submitting a few documents and fees.

How many days it would take to receive and grant EPR authorization?

CPCB will evaluate the received applications within 120 days of receipt of applications. 

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