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What is RERA Registration?

The Real Estate (Regulation Authority) Act, 2016 is an Act of Parliament that introduced the Real Estate Regulatory Authority to regulate and promote the real estate sector. Consequently, it ensures efficiency, transparency and protects the consumers’ interest regarding the sale of an apartment, building, or a real estate project.

Moreover, it also establishes the adjudication mechanism for immediate dispute redressal. It establishes Appellate Tribunal to hear the decisions/directions/orders of the appeals from the Real Estate Regulatory Authority and adjudicating authority.

Is it mandatory to obtain RERA registration?

Indeed, obtaining RERA registration for agents/ RERA registration for brokers is mandatory. Without the RERA registration for agents/ RERA registration for brokers, a real estate agent is not authorized to facilitate the sale or purchase of an apartment, plot, building, etc.

What would be the penalty for the non-registration of real estate agents/ RERA registration for brokers?

Under Section 62, a RERA registration for agents/ RERA registration for brokers must be done under Authority. However, if a real estate agent fails to register, he must pay Rs 10,000 per day by default, increasing up to 5% of the price of an apartment or plot (for which the sale has been facilitated).

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What Are the Features of Real Estate (Regulation Authority) Act, 2016?

It establishes a government (State Establish Regulatory Authority) for the people to approach the government for grievances for redressal. 

Each project measures above 500 square meters and more than eight apartments will be registered under RERA. 

The developer is not allowed to make changes in the plans sold without the buyer’s written consent. The real estate regulator can govern commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Under the law, the developer must have to post all the details on issues such as project plan, layout, government approvals, etc.

If a project is delayed, the developer has to pay the same interest as EMI paid by the consumer to the consumer’s bank.

If a developer violates the appellate tribunal’s order, the developer will be sentenced to a maximum of three years in jail, with or without a fine.

Control or manage the transactions between buyers and promoters.

Without registration, a promoter can not book or offer any project for sale.

To collect the amount from the consumer, an individual account should be maintained and should only be used for that purpose because the State government has the authority to alter this account.

The Act imposes a penalty on promoters, real estate agents/ RERA registration for brokers and prescribing imprisonment in case of infringement and disobeying the law. 

Documents Required For RERA Registration

Brief information of the establishment, including name, address, establishment type, and particulars of registration.
Promoter’s name and photographs.

  • Brief information regarding launched projects by a promoter in the previous five years, including the current status of concerned projects (whether completed or developed, pending cases, type of land, and pending payments).
  • A sanctioned plan, layout plan, and specifications of the proposed project and complete project as authorized by a competent authority.
  • A sanctioned replica of approvals and certificate of commencement from the competent authority concerning each phase.
  • The proposed project and project activities (fire fighting facilities, drinking water facilities, use of renewable energy, etc.) should be executed as per the development plan.
  • Performa of allotment letter, sale agreement, and conveyance deed signed by allottees.
  • Information of the location, including clear demarcation of dedicated land for the project and its boundaries, comprising latitude and longitude of the project’s endpoint.
  • If any, provide the details of the name and address of real estate agents/ RERA registration for brokers for a concerned project.
  • Include the information concerning the type, number, and carpet area of apartments, including an area of exclusive balcony/verandah/open terrace, if any.
  • Include the information regarding the number and areas of the garage in a project.
  • Provide the information regarding the contractor’s/ architecture/ structural engineer’s name and address and other individuals concerned with the project.

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The Registration Process For RERA Registration | Process To Obtain RERA Registration Certificate | RERA Registration Online

Fill the registration form by visiting the official RERA website.

After that, include all the required information as asked.

Next, after including the required information, affix the required documents.

Further, submit the application fee to complete the registration.

Within 30 days, your application will either be selected or rejected.

Note- If a promoter fails to complete the registration of the project, the authority will grant an opportunity to complete the registration. However, if the promoter fails to do so again, your RERA registration certificate application will be rejected after providing the opportunity to be heard.

Our Role in Obtaining RERA Registration | How Will We Help As RERA Registration Consultant?

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Our RERA registration consultant will assist you in keeping track of your application on RERA website.

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Ministry under which RERA registration comes


RERA registration of a project, a real estate agent, and a promoter on RERA website is mandatory without which they have to pay the penalty, which could also include imprisonment or both. However, the RERA registration certificate process or documentation of the same could be tedious, while our RERA registration consultant promise to make everything seamless.

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Have questions? We've got answers.

What is the penalty for non-registration of the project?

Under Section 59 of the Real Estate Regulation Act, a promoter must register the project with the Authority. 

However, if the promoter fails to do so, he has to pay 10% of the estimated cost of the real estate project as a penalty. Suppose the promoter constantly defaults or fails to comply with the rules/orders. In that case, he has to pay an additional 10% of the estimated cost of the project or imprisonment up to three years, or both.

Is it mandatory to register a promoter?

Indeed, every promoter must register themselves under the RERA.

Can a promoter advertise the premises?

No, a promoter does not have the authority to advertise, book, sell, offer for sale, or invite an individual to purchase the premises. To do so, the promoter must register the real estate project with the RERA.

What is the purpose of the Real Estate (Regulation Authority) Act, 2016?
  • Establish a Real Estate Regulatory Authority for regulation and promotion of the Real estate sector.
  • Ensure transparency of the projects.
  • Provide appropriate information regarding Builder. 
  • Protect the consumers’ interest in the Real Estate Sector and establish an adjudicating mechanism for instant dispute redressal. 
  • Provide recommendations to adequate governments regarding developments and promotion of the real estate sector.
Is RERA registration for brokers necessary?

Indeed, RERA registration for brokers is mandatory with the concerned state-level authorities.

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