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What is BIS Certification | Importance of BIS Certification | BIS full form

Introduction :

BIS Certification, standing for Bureau of Indian Standards Certification, is a mandatory quality assurance process for various products, including electronic devices, in India. Administered by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a national body responsible for formulating standards and ensuring product quality and safety, BIS Certification holds significant importance for businesses. This article explores the significance of BIS License for electronic products, its importance, and how JR Compliance, a reputable company, can assist businesses in obtaining BIS Certification online.

Understanding BIS Certification :

BIS Registration is a mark of conformity to specific quality standards set by the Indian government. Its primary objective is to protect consumers from substandard products, ensure public safety, and promote fair trade practices. For electronic items like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other appliances sold in India, BIS Authorization is a legal requirement.


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Significance of BIS Certification

Quality Assurance: BIS Certification guarantees that electronic products meet prescribed standards, ensuring superior quality and optimal performance that satisfies customer expectations.

Safety Compliance: BIS Certification subjects electronic devices to rigorous safety testing, reducing the risk of potential hazards and ensuring consumer safety.

Legal Compliance: BIS Certification is necessary for various electronic products as per Indian law compliance. Those who fall in the category of Non-compliance, are not permittable to run their businesses smoothly and might even witness product seizure or even lead to pay high amount of penalties.   

Market Access: BIS Certification opens doors to the vast Indian market, giving businesses a competitive edge and fostering consumer trust, leading to increased sales and market share.

BIS Certification for Electronic Products

BIS Certification holds particular importance in India's rapidly growing electronics market. Under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS), electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, power banks, LED lamps, printers, and other appliances require BIS Certification before legal sale within the country.

Benefits of having BIS Certification

Advantages of BIS Certification
Advantages of BIS Certification
Advantages of BIS Certification
Advantages of BIS Certification

BIS Mark Products List

Steel and Steel Products
Malleable Iron Shots and Grits
Cattle Feeds
Helmets for Two Wheelers
Aluminum Foil
LED lights
Foot Wear
Automobile Wheel Rim Components
Air Conditioner and its related parts
Reflectors For Bicycles
and others

Documents Required For BIS Certification (ISI, FMCS, and CRS)

As mentioned above, there are three types of BIS certifications that require different documents:

Documents Required for ISI Certification
Documents Required for FMCS Certification
Documents Required for CRS Certification

BIS Certification Types

Below-mentioned are the three types of certifications comes under the Bureau of Indian Standards,

ISI Certification
FMCS Certification
CRS Certification

Before indulging in the Procedure of the ISI certification, let’s commence with what is ISI Mark?

It is a product certification scheme commenced by the BIS. ISI mark ensures that your product has complied with the prescribed standards. 

ISI certification is mandatory to obtain for certain products without which you won’t be allowed to sell the product in India.

In a nutshell, it ensures high-quality products along with the safety of the consumers.

ISI Mark Certification Process

Process of Obtaining an ISI Mark or ISI Certificate

Process of ISI Certificate
Process of ISI Certificate
Process of ISI Certificate
Process of ISI Certificate
Process of ISI Certificate

To be noted, it is not easy as it seems, though, with the assistance of the JR Compliance, you can effortlessly make this tedious process unchallenging because we possess the required experience and expertise in procuring an ISI certificate. Moreover, we are an award-winning compliance service provider who guarantees to meet the time constraints without compromising test methods.

Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme

BIS FMCS Certificate is the license that is granted to foreign manufacturers for compliance with the Indian Standards.

For the sale of certain products in the Indian market, you are required to complete the BIS certification process, without which you would not be able to sell your products in the Indian market. 

Also, the documentation and other processes under BIS FMCS certification are done offline with direct coordination with the BIS officer.

Activities involved in the completion of the FMCS certification process could be perplexing for the foreign manufacturers, especially if you are obtaining it for the first time. That’s why we are assembled to help your businesses grow and expand by delivering what our clients desire, i.e., obtaining a BIS certificate.

FMCS certification is a comprehensive process because it includes on-site activities such as traveling to the client’s destination country, sample collection, delivery of the sample product to India, etc. Moreover, the manufacturer pays a VISA fee, additional audit charges, $10,000 (USD) as a Performance Bank Guarantee, etc. 

JR Compliance cares about what we are providing to our clients, that’s why we are equipped with experts and resources to assist you in obtaining a BIS certificate or meeting the BIS requirement. Moreover, we have a proven record in obtaining 300+ FMCS certificates and still working on 50+ projects. So, get in tough with us, without worrying about BIS registration fees, because guarantee to provide you BIS certificate online at a reasonable price.

Process of Obtaining an FMCS Certificate

Process of FMCS Certificate
Process of FMCS Certificate
Process of FMCS Certificate
Process of FMCS Certificate
Process of FMCS Certificate

BIS CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme)

Under this scheme, electronic products, either imported or produced domestically, need to comply with the BIS standards.

In India, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology needs the obligatory certificate for 77 electronic products such as audio and video, IT equipment, mobile phones, smart card readers, and other similar gadgets. 

If the foreign manufacturer operates in the Indian market without the BIS license, the manufacturer would be penalized under the BIS Act.

CRS  Registration Process

Process of CRS Certificate
Process of CRS Certificate
Process of CRS Certificate
Process of CRS Certificate
Process of CRS Certificate

How can we help you as reliable ISI/FMCS/ CRS Consultants?

There is a support team available 24×7 for assistance, customers would get their issues resolved with proactive assistance and clarity.

To ensure the utmost convenience of our client, our BIS consultants will also assist you in the custom clearance of the sample product for seamless BIS registration online.

To meet your expectations our BIS consultants invest their efforts in day-to-day visits to the BIS office on your behalf if required. Also, Follow-ups & Professional Checks with BIS Authority on the project for timely issuance of certificates.

JR Compliance offers competitive and excellent BIS registration online services to our clients by meeting the startled queries/demands of BIS.

Our team can assist in testing all products that fall under the BIS category as per the relevant standard. We provide complete end-to-end consultancy and the process for achieving certification.

JR Will evaluate and Guide- what all Testing Standards, Requirements needs to be done in order to get BIS Approval.Our BIS consultants will assist you to know whether a product falls under the purview of BIS. For comprehensible guidance, our BIS consultants will first scrutinize the BIS registration online requirements of a product.


With 8 years of experience in this particular industry, JR Compliance & Testing Labs have helped manufacturers with over 1500+ projects. Born out of a passion for adding value to the business, problem-solving, and a determination to deliver practical advice to businesses of all sizes. 

We provide the IT and telecommunication system manufacturers to get their products certified from BIS India along with the Product Testing and Approval Services from WPC, EPR authorization,  India.

JR Compliance, with its wide network of partners, is working in more than 20 nations and has made global certification and approval quite easy.

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What all products are covered by the BIS certification?

The list is consistently being extended and already covers a wide range of several product groups, for example, construction products and materials, household products, consumer and office electronics, dairy items, and raw materials. It is to be expected that BIS will still take over more and more product certification areas from different authorities. An up-to-date list of all things that can be found on our BIS mandatory products page.

Products under Scheme-I (BIS ISI, FMCS)

Household Electronic Products
Oil stove pressure
Food and food-related products
Automobile accessories
Medical equipment
Cylinder, valves and regulators
Products of steel and iron
Electric transformers 
Electric motors
Chemicals, polymers, fertilizers, and textiles
Kitchen equipment/appliances
Air conditioner and its other parts, hermetic compressor and temperature sensing controls
Household water heater to use with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Domestic gas stove to use with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Plugs and Socket (Outlets and Alternating Current Direct Connected Static Prepayment Meters for Active Energy)
Household pressure cooker
Transparent float glass
Aluminium foil
Flat transparent sheet glass
Rubber hose for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Safety glass
Butterfly valves
Reflectors for pedal cycle
Woven sacks
Feeds for cattle
Wheel rim components for automobile
Helmets for two-wheeler automobiles
Press tool punches
Refrigerating appliances
Flux-cored electrodes (tubular)
Centrifugally cast iron pipes  (spun) 
PVP pipes and Fitting (for portable water supply) 
Sewing machine
PVC Pipes and Fittings for Drainage and Sewerage System
PVC Pipes and Fittings in Agriculture and in Suction and Delivery Lines of Agricultural Pumps and Rain Water Systems

For detailed information regarding the products visit the official website of BIS.

Products Under Scheme-II (CRS)

IT and Electronic Goods such as laptops, Bluetooth speakers, video camera, smart speakers, webcam, etc.
Low – Voltage switchgear and control gear such as storage battery, utility- interconnected photovoltaic inverters, etc.
Solar Photovoltaics, Systems, Devices and Components such as low–voltage switchgear and controlgear: switches, disconnectors, switch disconnectors and fuse – Combination units.

Visit the official BIS website to know more about each product under Scheme-II.

Advantages of Obtaining BIS Certificate For Your Products

Getting BIS on your product doesn't only give your product importance yet, it also gives you an edge over your competitors. BIS-certified product signifies its purity, authenticity, legitimacy, and safety. But it's an expensive affair and could become a major problem for medium small scale enterprise unit yet one should understand its importance and take it as their investment plan. BIS certified items help you to mark your presence in government tenders as govt. just invites only those organizations whose items are confirmed and also empowers manufacturers, brand owners, and merchants to import or manufacture the items without any interruption.

BIS-certified products help entrepreneurs to get immense revenue which ends up being the best approach to run their business successfully. Due to awareness in the general public, people always prefer to purchase certified products over non-certified products regardless of the value of the product. In other words, certified products always provide reliability, quality, and better customer satisfaction.

What is the difference between ISI Certification and ISI FMCS?

Under FMCS, a certificate is given to a foreign manufacturer to use the standard mark on the products that comply with Indian Standards. While ISI certification reflects that a domestic product abides by the Indian standards.

Moreover, the FMCS certificate has broad-based because it is a completely manual process, including activities such as off-shore traveling. Yet, its importance can not be overstated to sell products in the Indian market, like ISI certification.

Hence, both certifications are essential for the manufacturing and import of the products in India, if they fail to comply with the Indian standards, the manufacturer has to face credibility issues, trust issues, competitor disadvantages, etc.

In the case of mandatory products, if the manufacturer fails to obtain the ISI certification, the manufacturer is liable for a fine or imprisonment, both. 

Thus, its benefits are not limited to competitor advantages but it can also grant you legal advantages, and wider market access.

Why is BIS certification important?

BIS certification not only holds importance for customers’ safety but also provides a legal advantage to the manufacturer, especially if the product falls under the purview of BIS.

Yet, if manufacturers fail to obtain the BIS certification for the mandatory products, they have to face debarment for 2 years, a fine, not less than Rs 2 lakh, or both.

Moreover, a BIS license is essential to obtain to avail legal benefits, competitive advantages, quality of product, and easy market access.

Who needs a BIS Certificate?

BIS Registration Certificate is essentially granted to Manufacturing Units. However, traders and importers of eligible products can also secure this certification in the name of their respective Manufacturing Units.

What is the use of a BIS Certificate?

Product certification as per the BIS is aimed to guarantee safety, quality, and reliability to third parties. The certification aims to ensure product conformity as per the Indian Standards (IS).

What is the validity of the BIS Certificate?

BIS registration remains valid for the duration of two years, and it is renewal in nature. The authority seeks a few documents and prescribed fees for this purpose. On-site or lab testing is not required to renew the BIS certification.

Is BIS Certification mandatory for gold?

Yes, given the exemption cited in the compulsory hallmarking order, a jeweller with a yearly turnover of less than INR 40 lacs may sell hallmarked jewellery in locations under mandatory hallmarking if they have a certificate of registration from BIS.

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