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What is Employees' Provident Fund Registration?

Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) came into existence with the Employees' Provident Fund Ordinance declaration on 15th November 1951. Moreover, it was replaced by the Employees’ Provident Funds Bill, 1952. 

Further, in 1952 Employees’ Provident Funds Bill was acquainted with Parliament to provide provident funds to the employees working in factories and other establishments. The Act is known as the Employees' Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act, 1952.

Who administers the Acts and Scheme under the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act, 1952?

The Acts and Scheme under Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act are regulated by the tripartite board, which includes Centre Board of Trustees, Employees’ Provident Funds comprising representatives of Central or State government, Employers and Employees.

What is the mission of the Employees' Provident Fund (EPR)?

The mission of the Employees’ Provident Fund is to widen its scope and quality of publicly controlled old age security programs by ensuring consistency and ameliorating the standards of compliance. 

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Benefits of EPF Registration

Under Section 80C, employees’ contributing to the employee provident fund avails the benefit of exemption in tax and continues to earn the interest rate even if it has been dormant for the past three years.

Also, after five years of consistent service, the employees’ provident fund withdrawal is non-taxable unless the employer terminates the employees or if employees quit the job willingly.

Under the Employees Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) Scheme (insurance cover provided by EPFO), certain benefits are being promised to the employees. For instance, if an employee is registered under the same, an insured is liable to receive a lump-sum amount at the time of the insured person’s death during the period of service.

Additionally, EPFO has increased the minimum limit of insurance to Rs 2.45 lakh from Rs 1.45 lakh. Thus, the maximum benefit is Rs 6 lakh.

Above all, an employee does not even have to fill an application form to be a member of the EDLI scheme because an employee's provident fund account automatically becomes liable for this scheme.

Under the Employees’ Pension Scheme,1995, ten years of contributory membership provides a lifetime pension. Further, both employer and employees contribute to the employees’ provident funds, out of which some percentage is diverted towards the Employment Pension Scheme.

Though EPFO is firmly against the withdrawal of money from the provident fund, its motive is to provide social security benefits, not bank account facilities. Yet, it allows its members to make a partial withdrawal after five to ten years to meet particular needs, including home loan repayment, medical expenses, and unemployment.

As per the revised scheme, the benefits will be 20 times the deposits or wages made in the employees’ provident funds, whichever is less. Further, as the wages ceiling increased to Rs 15,000 from Rs 6,500, the maximum benefit amount will be Rs 3 lakh, and an extra benefit amount of 20% is also paid.

It is essential to complete the eligibility criteria of online EPF registration process before commencing the registration process because without fulfiling the general eligibilities, you won't be able to move the EPF registration process forward. 

Our EPF registration consultant are equipped with all the tools to make the online EPF registration process unchallenging because we believe in providing finest online EPF registration certificate services to our clients by emphasizing on reliability, adaptability, and transparency.

Documents Required For Online EPF Registration

PAN of company/ organization/ establishment.

Address proof of the company/ organization/ establishment.

Certificate of Incorporation.

Nullify cheque (canceled cheque).

Specimen comprising signature of directors and authorized signatory.

In the case of voluntary registration, you are required to submit the consent of the majority of employees.

You are required to submit the digital signature of an authorized candidate.

Document proving the date of establishment of the organization.

In the case of a factory, you must submit the factory license number and date of trial production. Also, you are required to submit the details of the manager.

Details of employment including information of date of application, excluded employees, and date on which the number of employees increases above 19.

If the establishment has any branch, you must submit the details of the branches along with information regarding their address and number of employees.

NOTE- On filling/affixing inaccurate information or detail in EPF registration process/ documentation, the candidate will be responsible for it, and action will be taken against the candidate according to the Act’s provisions.

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EPF Registration Process | Online EPF Registration Process

Below-mentioned is online EPF registration process which needs to be followd in sequence as given, 

Online EPF Registration Process For Employer Registration
  • For employer’s registration, visit the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). 
  • Under “Our Services,” select “For Employees.” Then choose the “Online Registration of Establishment (OLRE Portal)” this will redirect you to the homepage for employer registration.
  • On the employer registration homepage, choose the “Register.” As you select this option, you must fill in the required information in the form, such as name, Employer’s PAN, Address, State, etc.
  • As you complete the Employer Registration Form, you must enter the captcha and click on the option “Get PIN.”
  • Further, you will receive the PIN on your mentioned mobile number. Enter the PIN and for the declaration, choose the option “I agree” with the above statement.
  • Finally, submit your application. 
  • After applying, you will receive a link on your mentioned email that will be activated to allow the application submission for Online Registration of Establishment.
Online EPF Registration Process For DSC Registration

After completion of Employer Registration, you have a username and password, which is essential to procure for the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) registration,

  • Visit the Employer Registration homepage, and to log in, enter your username and password.
  • As the next page opens, choose the “Digital Certificate.” Again, select the “Register Certificate” and enter your details.
  • Here, the name of the employer and mobile number will automatically appear from the Employer’s registered data. However, you can edit the name, but not the mobile number.
  • As you press “Next,” you are required to choose the type of a certificate according to the DSC you comprise.
  • If you select the “Sign with USB Token,” a pop-up will appear on your screen. Here, you have to choose the option “Run.”
  • Now, select the “USB Token Certificate” to obtain the DSC details. Further, make sure the DSC USB Token has been inserted in the USB port appropriately.
  • Select the certificate and enter your PIN details of the DSC, and press “OK.”
  • Review the digital signature details on the screen, including Active DSC registration with a successful registration message.
  • At last, you are now eligible to apply for PG Code. Consequently, select the fill application form option.

Note- The same registered username can not be authorized to be used by another user.

Online EPF Registration Process For OLRE Form
  • To fill the OLRE form, affix all the required documents such as address proof, PAN of the establishment, date of establishment of the firm/company/establishment, etc.
  • If the firm is established as a factory, the employer must provide the factory and manager or occupier details.
  • Further, you have to select the fundamental (primary) business activity from the drop-down menu.
  1. In the case of a factory, industries are listed in Schedule I. 
  2. In the case of a Non-factory Establishment, you will see the list of classes of establishments notified.
  • Next, select license details from the drop-down menu,
  1. Fill in the details of each license available for an establishment while filling the application.
  2. If any license type is not available, select the “Others” (in case of mandatory fields).
  3. If the license is chosen as an address proof, you must check the box against which said license should be selected.
  4. Providing at least one license is mandatory.
  • If you comprise any license under the Cooperative Society Act, then an additional field concerning whether it is working with the assistance of Power Will appears. 
  • If the employer comprises the ESIC, the employer needs to mention it. If not, then it would be treated as the employer not including the ESIC code while filling the application.
  • Further, select the type of ownership. 
  • After this, fill in the details concerning the owner under the owner’s details particulars (Employer according to Section 2(e) and for Form 5A).
  1. In Sole Proprietorship, you are not required to fulfill additional details.
  2. In the case of other ownership types, you can enter more than an owner of the establishment.
  • For Form 5A, you are required to submit the details concerning “Lessee” if the establishment is on rent.
  • Submit the employment details, including the number of employees, number of excluded employees, the date on which employment strength exceeds.
  • Filling in the bank details is optional.
  • If your establishment consists of branches, fill in the details of the same.
  • After filling in all the details, click on the preview. 
  • Print the page before saving the details, as once you save the information after review, editing is not allowed.
  • Finally, you are required to affix all the documents as needed.
  • After affixing the documents, click on “I agree all the uploaded documents are verified at our end” and submit the Form.
  • As you submit the form, verify all the details and if you are satisfied with the same, enter the captcha and click to generate the PIN.
  • Lastly, enter the received PIN and click on the declaration, and press “Submit.”
  • After submission, a confirmation message will be sent to you, and download the PDF for reference.

NOTE- On filling/affixing inaccurate information or detail, the candidate will be responsible for it, and action will be taken against the candidate according to the Act’s provisions.

Our Role in EPF Registration Process

Our EPF registration consultant will assist you throughout the online EPF registration process to avoid inaccuracy.

Our EPF registration consultant will assist you in documentation for online EPF registration certificate to ensure appropriate submission of documents because, as mentioned, submission of inaccurate information can result in any action against the applicant under provisions of the Act.

Our EPF registration consultants guarantee to provide you with complete assistance in fulfilling eligibility criteria as prescribed. 

Our EPF registration consultant guarantees to ensure proper follow-ups and acknowledgment by directly coordinating with officials to ensure accuracy in EPF registration process.

To maintain realistic expectations, our EPF registration consultant will provide you with complete clarity regarding the online EPF registration process. 

Our EPF registration consultant will provide the most satisfactory solution to all your concerns regarding online EPF registration process. 


As you can see, the EPF registration process is tedious and can be perplexing for establishments because it requires knowledge and expertise to complete the online EPF registration process. Else, action can be taken against you if you have filled or affixed the inaccurate information or documents.

Therefore, for expertise, knowledge, and experienced, you must contact our EPF registration consultant to avail of our exemplary services. JR Compliance - an award winning compliance service provider guarantees to provide you with prompt online EPF registration certificate services by ensuring the convenience of our clients.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact our EPF registration consultant immediately for EPF registration process.

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