Legal Metrology Certificate For Weight and Non-weight Instruments

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What is Legal Metrology?

Legal metrology means that part of metrology which treats units of weighment and measurement, methods of weighment and measurement and weighing and measuring instruments, in regard to the mandatory technical and legal requirements which have the objects of ensuring public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of the weighments and measurements.

Under the Department of Consumer Affairs, Legal Metrology is a wing which was established in 2009 that is engaged in monitoring and regulating the manufacturing, importing, and other businesses engaged in weighing and measuring instruments and devices. 

Along with ensuring safety and security it plays a vital role in creating a transparent and efficient legal system to inspire the confidence of trade, industry, and consumer, while creating a harmonious environment conducting a business.

Therefore, a professional approach needs to complete the Legal Metrology certificate online timely and accurately which requires appropriate knowledge regarding the same. And for this JR Compliance - a Delhi based compliance service provider is a one stop solution to meet Legal Metrology certificate online requirements.

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Procedure to be followed for Legal Metrology Certificate/
Registration required:

A. For Weight and Measuring (W&M) Instruments

1. Model approval for Indian W&M Instruments | Model Approval Legal metrology

According to Section 22 each weight and measurement instrument needs to comply with the standards established by the Indian Legal Metrology Department. Thereafter, while conforming with standards, each product must need to be model approved to sell or distribute in the Indian market.

2. Importer registration for weight and measurement instruments

Under Section 19 of Legal Metrology Act, 2009, if a person desires to import weight/ measuring instruments, its business must be registered with the Legal Metrology Director. Also, a mandatory declaration needs to be made on the product's label indicating its origin country, manufacturer's name and address, etc.

3. Model approval for imported goods | Model approval legal metrology for imported goods

To obtain an LMPC certificate for import, every weight and measurement instrument needs to meet Indian Legal Metrology Standards with conformance to Section 22 of Legal Metrology Act, 2009. Further, model approval for each weight and measurement instrument needs to be done before its sale or distribution in the market. Under the LMPC certificate for import/ registration scheme, a product needs to be tested. 

4. Manufacturing license

As per Rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011, each individual, firm, Hindu Undivided family business, company, corporation, society etc., who are engaged in pre-packaging or importing any instruments with the purpose to sale or distribution or delivery - it must be registered with the concerned Director or Controller.

5. Packer registration

Under Rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011, an individual engaged in pre-packing of the instruments, needs to be registered with the concerned Director or Controller. Including, making mandatory declarations as prescribed under Rule 6 of PCR.

6. Dealer license for weights and measurement instruments

According to Section 2(b) of Legal Metrology Act, 2009, a dealer is an individual engaged in direct or indirect buying, selling, supplying, or distribution of weights and measures in exchange of cash or commission, etc. Moreover, if individuals are engaged in trading of weight and measures, they must also obtain dealers license.

7. Repair license

An individual is dealing with weights and measuring instruments/ devices/ equipment must obtain the repair license under Legal Metrology.  It is an obligatory requirement to repair, manufacture, or sale without license.

B. For Non Weight & Measuring (W&M) Instruments

1. Packer or Manufacturer registration

Under Legal Metrology Law, a packer or manufacturer is an individual engaged in selling or distributing pre-packaged commodities. Moreover, he must be registered under Rule 27 of Legal Metrology Rules, 2011

2. Importer registration/ LMPC certificate

To obtain a LMPC certificate for import, an importer who is engaged in selling or distribution of pre-packaged instruments, a registration needs to be done under Rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011. LMPC certificate for import  is a mandatory requirement to import weight and measuring instruments in India.

LMPC certificate/ registration includes several types of certification or license scheme under - weight and measuring instruments or non weight and measuring instruments. While the registration of any certification type requires possessing an appropriate knowledge of the applicable standard on a product.  

How about contacting JR Compliance - India’s leading compliance service provider who consist of a team of professional experts - to provide complete assistance in LMPC certificate online/ registration. Moreover, we care about our customers which is why to improve their satisfaction we believe in maintaining transparency and flexibility while meeting their time constraints. 

Apart from customer satisfaction, we have experience of over 8+ years in successfully completing national and global certifications - that again gives us an edge.

LMPC Certificate Online/ Registration Process | LMPC Certificate Online

An application will be duly filed.

For products which fall under purview of Weights and Measurements, a testing will be conducted. 

After submitting Documents for the LMPC certificate online, follow ups will be done with the LM department to prevent any inaccuracy which may arise.

An LMPC certificate will be issued, if a product complies with the standards.

Our Role in LMPC Certificate/ Registration

Our LMPC consultants will provide you complete information - be it LMPC certificate for imports or online/offline.

We are equipped with all the necessary resources to complete the LMPC certificate/ registration process either for weight and measuring instruments and for non-weight and measuring instruments. 

In case product testing, we will conduct a product analysis to check whether your product meets the established standards.

We will coordinate with custom authorities for custom clearance of product for product testing.

Our consultants will maintain a close contact with LMPC officials to meet their startled requirements of  LMPC certificate.

We will provide 24*7 assistance to resolve any query you may have.

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Obtaining LMPC certification is an obligatory requirement to ensure that a weight and measurements meet the parameters which have been established. Without LMPC certificate a weight and measurement instrument can not sell or distribute in Indian market. However, as important as it seems, it can not be ignored that obtaining a LMPC certificate is quite challenging because it require having proper knowledge regarding applicable standards.

Consequently, JR Compliance, with experience of 8+ years, has follows a client-centric approach to meet your certification requirements by taking care of documentation, conducting product analysis, providing guidance, etc.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.


As we can see, LMPC certificate for imports or domestic selling of equipment is quite comprehensive, thus, any minor mistake could result in rejection of application and since you are importing the product, you might face customs problems - how are you planning to resolve these issues?

Well, you are at the right place because with us, you won’t face any issues because we possess the expertise, experience, and resources to comply with the LMPC certificate online requirements. In a nutshell, with us you can just sit back and enjoy because the minute you contact us, we will invest our time and efforts to get your LMPC certificate done.

Have Questions? We've got answers.

1. Can you file a LMPC certificate online?

The LMPC process could be online or offline both. 

2. Does non weight and measuring instruments include testing?

No, testing will only be done of the products which fall under the purview of Legal Metrology certification/ registration of weight and measuring instruments.

3. Which LMPC certificate scheme includes model approval?

Manufacturers/ Importers of Weighing and Measuring equipment, which are prescribed Under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and rules made there under, are required to take approval of the Government of India before manufacturing/ import.

Some of the equipment like cast iron, brass, bullion, or carat weight or any beam scale, length measures (not being measuring tapes) which are ordinarily used in retail trade for measuring textiles or timber, capacity measures, not exceeding twenty litre in capacity are not required to obtain Model approval.

4. What will happen if LMPC certificate/ registration of a product is not done?

A product without certification/ registration can not enter the Indian market. However, a penalty would be imposed on the concerned individual if the LMPC certificate is not obtained.

5. What are pre-packaged commodities?

It refers to the commodities placed in a package without the presence of the purchaser of any nature, whether sealed or otherwise, in order to produce contained therein in a predetermined quantity. 

6. Who is responsible for imported packaged?

Registered importer would be responsible for the imported packaged.

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