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What is BEE Certification?

Under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), BEE is established on 1 March 2002, with the ambition to instigate a system to rate the electrical products on the basis of energy consumption. 

What is the purpose of rating the products?

The purpose of rating the products on the basis of their energy consumption is to control or lessen the energy consumption. BEE reflects the energy consumption of the electric product through star rating, the higher the star rating, the lower the energy consumption or more energy-efficient the product would be.

Who All are Required to Apply for BEE Certification?

Following are the entities that need to get BEE certifications:

  • Manufacturers
  • Traders
  • Importers 

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Objectives of BEE

It provides suggestions and directions to national energy conservation activities.

It establishes the procedures and systems to demonstrate, measure, and observe improvement in Energy Efficiency (EE). 

Through a public-private partnership, it demonstrates the EE.

 It coordinates the policies and programs coherent utilization of energy with shareholders.

For the implementation of the Energy Conservation Act, it required the support of, multilateral, bilateral, and private sector. 

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Role of Bureau of Energy Efficiency

Research & Development

BEE encourages research and development for industries that are involved within the area of energy and different sorts of conservation processes. It promotes research and development activities in India as well as cooperates and communicates with international agencies to encourage various research and development opportunities all over the planet.

Generating Awareness

The bureau is liable for not only creating awareness but also escalating awareness amongst the industries associated with energy conservation.


One of the fundamental functions of the bureau of energy efficiency is to coordinate all activities associated with maintaining energy efficiency under the Energy Act.

Provide Training

If focusing on the energy and conservation procedures then the bureau helps in maintaining determined standards associated with energy and conservation. Likewise, it provides training to industries and manufacturing entities concerning environmental standards.

Formulate Pilot Policies

By the bureau of energy efficiency, ongoing projects and pilot policies are also developed and map out.

Items Which Require Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Certification

Voluntary Requirement
Mandatory Requirement
Washing Machine
Tabular Fluorescent Lamp
LPG Stove
Frost-free Refrigerator
Solar Water Heater
Distribution Transformer
Deep Freezer
Direct Cool Refrigerator
Ceiling Fan
Color TV
Microwave Oven
Electric Geyser
Pump Set
Light Commercial Air Conditioner
Inverter AC
Induction Motors
LED Bulbs
Ballast (Magnetic or Ballistic)
(Cassette, Ceiling, Floor Standing Tower, Corner AC) Room Air Conditioner

BEE Registration Process | BEE Certification Process

The application form needs to be filled.

When filling the form, all the required documents and  information must be attached or provided.

The filling the application form will be completed, the payment need to be made.

Further, the hard copy of the enclosures which should have the signature of the Authorized Signatory as well as should include the specimen of BEE label will be submitted, as required.

As the application is accepted by the BEE, you are authorized to use the BEE label.

Additionally, to obtain the BEE certificate you are required to obtain the test report from the NABL accredited laboratory. This is to certify that your product is energy efficient. 

If your product cleared the testing, you can complete the BEE certification process seamlessly. Yet, a manufacturer needs to be attentive when filling the application form and affixing the documents, as if you fail to provide the proper documents as asked, your application could be rejected. 

Consequently, JR Compliance can assist you in obtaining the BEE certificate as we have the team of professionals who will assist you in complete the bee registration process, along with this, we also ensure proper documentation and evaluations. 

Our Role in Obtaining BEE Certificate

Our BEE certificate consultants will assist you in documentation, evaluation, and examination of the product. 

Our BEE certificate consultants will coordinate with the BEE officer to ensure proper examination and testing.

For up-to-date information, our BEE certification consultants will persistently be in contact with the BEE officer, this will ensure proper follow-ups.

We will assist you throughout the BEE certificate process of registration to ensure a smooth procedure.

JR Compliance will provide you complete help in filling the application.

Our consultants will conduct a thorough follow-up with the BEE officer.

We can schedule the meeting with the BEE officer for examination and evaluation.

A man assisting a woman in FSSAI certification


As mentioned, BEE certification is essential to reflect the energy consumption of the product, which ensures less energy consumption. However, obtaining the BEE certification could be tricky because it includes a series of steps. 

Accordingly, you can contact us to acquire the BEE certificate services as we provide finest services which is clear from the fact that we have worked for reputed brands such as Milton, Samsung, Decathlon, Newline, and more. 

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