ESIC Registration - A Self-financing Social Security Scheme

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What is ESI?

Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) is a self-financing social security scheme managed by the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), an autonomous authority created by law under the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

What is the objective of ESIC registration?

The objective of the ESIC registration is to provide a variety of medical, monetary, and other benefits to Indian workers or employees. 

Is it mandatory to obtain Online ESIC registration?

Under Section 2A of the Act with Regulation 10-B, the employer’s statutory responsibility is to register its establishment/factory under ESI Act in under 15 days of the date of its applicability.

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How Does ESIC Registration Benefit the Employees?

Under ESIC Act, the medical attendance and treatment of an insured person and his family will be covered as and when required. This advantage is provided to the employees through the State Government comprising Model Hospital operated by ESI Corporation excluding Delhi.

The medical benefits under this Act cover the complete range of medical, surgical, and obstetric treatment include outdoor treatment, in-patient treatment, supply of all drugs and dressings, pathological and radiological investigations, prenatal and postnatal care, etc.

As mentioned, the family members of the employees will get complete medical care as and when required. 

Moreover, the family members are also eligible for medical treatment such as artificial limbs and artificial appliances.

Apart from receiving benefits during the employment duration of the employees, the family of an insured can also avail of these benefits when receiving an unemployment allowance.

Would the family of the insured employee receive any benefit in case the employee dies?

Indeed, the family of the insured employee will continue to receive medical benefits while receiving unemployment allowances. 

Besides, your family, the widow, widowed mother, and children are entitled to receive the dependent benefit if the employee died due to employment injury.

Does ESI Scheme cover funeral benefits?

Indeed, the ESI scheme covers the funeral benefits by providing Rs 10,000 to the family members/individual who incurs the expenses mentioned earlier on a funeral.

Under a Voluntary Retirement Scheme or Premature Retirement, if an employee retires after being insured for at least 5 years must be entitled to receive medical benefits for himself and his spouse. However, they must provide evidence and submit a nominal contribution of Rs 120 for a year.

To be noted, under Rule 61, if the insured person dies yet, the spouse will continue to receive the medical benefit on the payment of contribution as mentioned above.

Maternity benefits refer to the recurring payment to an insured woman for a particular time duration for absence from work due to accouchement, miscarriage, and sickness emerge because of pregnancy and premature birth of a baby.

With effect from 20-1-2017, maternity benefits have widened to a “commissioning mother” ( a biological mother's desire to have a child and choose to embryo implantation in another woman). 

Moreover, if the insured woman who adopts the child legally will also receive maternity benefits.

Coverage Area Under ESI

Any factory/establishment with 10 or above employees. It could be a shop, hotel, road motor transport establishment, etc.

In certain states, it applies to the establishments with 20 or above employees.

The “suitable Government,” either State or Central government, has the authority to expand the provisions of the ESI Act to a varied category of factories, establishments, commercials, agriculture, and other establishments. Under which, many State governments have expanded the ESI Act to a particular category of the establishment, including shops, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, etc., comprising 20 or above employees.

Online ESI Registration Process

To sign in, an employer will required to provide details such as the factory/establishment, PAN, address of the Principal employer, etc.

Once the information will be submitted, a code will be generated automatically.

Then, a replica of the Registration letter (C-11) and the credentials will be sent to the employer’s email.

All the required details will be added as required such as the total number of employees, branch office, etc.

 If any, the details of IPs will be entered and form will be submitted.

After providing all the details, the payment need to be made.

At last, you will receive a system-generated registration letter (C-11).

Note - ESIC registration certificate is an entirely online process. Thus, it does not need manual submission of documents.

Being a ESIC registration consultant, our role would be basically to make ESIC online certificate/ ESI registration certificate seamless through maintaining proper coordination with concerned authorities. Moreover, our ESIC registration consultant will take care of all the compliance requirements associate with ESIC online certificate/ ESI registration certificate. To know more about the role of our ESIC registration consultant, move onto next section.

Our Role as an ESI Registration Consultant

Our ESIC consultants guarantee to assist you in the online ESI registration process. 

To ensure accurate online ESIC registration, our ESIC registration consultant promises to provide appropriate documentation to complete the registration.

Our ESIC registration consultants will ensure thorough processing of the application at each stage of registration.

Our ESIC registration consultants will directly contact the officials to ensure proper follow-ups and acknowledgment.

Our ESIC registration consultant will provide you with the most appropriate solution to your concern regarding online ESI registration.


To recapitulate, registration under the ESIC scheme is mandatory as it provides medical benefits, benefits to family, retirement benefits, maternity benefits, etc., to an employee. However, not registering under the ESI scheme could result in a penalty on a factory and establishment.

That's why, you need guidance from our ESIC registration consultant to the ESI registration certificate done, without any inaccuracy.

Consequently, to avoid such a situation and ensure proper submission of ESIC registration or online ESI registration application and documents, contact JR Compliance - an award winning compliance service provider. We guarantee to provide you with exemplary services by assisting you in each stage of online ESI registration.

Hence, contact ESIC registration consultant immediately regarding online ESI registration.

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Who will provide benefits to the employees under ESI?

Under the ESI scheme, the employer will provide the benefits to the employee.

As the employer is required to contribute 3.25% of the total monthly salary of the employee. However, the employers only need to contribute 0.75% of the monthly salary of a year. Moreover, ESI provides an exemption to employees, i.e., contributing to the employees’ salary below Rs 175 per day.

Who financed the ESI Scheme?

ESI Scheme is fundamentally financed by contributions raised by employees covered under this Scheme and their employers (as a fixed wage percentage). 

Moreover, employees of covered units and factories extracting wages up to Rs 1,00,000 per month fall under the purview of the social security benefits scheme.

However, an employee earning wages up to Rs 50 per day is exempted from paying their part of the contribution. Additionally, the State government bears the one-eight share of expenditure on Medical benefits in per capita ceiling of Rs 900 an annum and other expenditure besides the ceiling. 

What are non-seasonal factories?

Non-seasonal factories are factories which are not engaged in manufacturing process of  cotton ginning, cotton or jute pressing, decortication of ground-nuts, etc.

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