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What is FCRA Certificate? | FCRA Full Form

Below-mentioned is the FCRA full form -

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) is a law implemented by the Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure that foreign contribution does not unfavourably affect security. Additionally, FCRA was first introduced in 1976, however, it was modified in 2010 when various new measures were introduced to control the foreign donations.

Moreover, FCRA applies to every NGO, groups, and associations to receive foreign donations. Thus, under FCRA, such NGOs need to obtain registration.

Whether the certificate of FCRA registration will be renewed?

According to Section 16 of FCRA, 2010, any individual who has obtained the registration certificate under Section 12 requires to renew the registration certificate within six months of the expiration of the duration of the certificate.

What would be the consequence of not renewing the certificate?

If an establishment fails to renew the certificate, you are required to apply for a fresh application for the grant of registration.

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Benefits of Registration of FCRA

FCRA is a government registration certificate that is required to obtain as prescribed by official authorities. Consequently, an applicant can avail the complete support from the government in carrying out the activities and during the registration process.

Establishments such as NGOs are required to obtain the registration certificate to avail the foreign contributions from the foreign countries. Thus, a registered establishment creates the goodwill/reputation of the establishment. 

Obtaining a registration of FCRA certificate will provide you with continued support and investment from foreign establishments. 

Types of FCRA Registration

Depending on the types of registration for FCRA online, below-mentioned is the eligibility criteria of each type,

Eligibility Criteria For Grant of Registration

Under FCRA, 2010, below-mentioned are the eligibility criteria,

  • An establishment must be registered under the statute such as Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013; Indian Trusts Act, 1882; Societies Registration Act, 1860, etc.
  • Should exist for the previous three years and should be engaged in an activity to benefit the society for which the foreign contribution will be utilized.
  • The candidate has the authority to choose the items of expenditure (eliminating the administrative expense as prescribed in Rule 5 of FCRA, 2011) to become eligible for a minimum threshold of Rs 15 lakh spent during the previous three years.
Eligibility Criteria For Grant of Prior Permission

An organization should be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860; Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013; Indian Trusts Act,1882.

  • You are required to submit a particular commitment letter from the donor stating the foreign contribution amount and objective for which the foreign contribution is received.
  • If the Indian recipient organization and foreign donor organization comprise common members, FCRA Prior
  • Permission must be granted to the Indian recipient organizations have to fulfill the below-mentioned criteria,
  • A chief functionary of the Indian organization recipient must not be part of the donor organization.
  • Minimum 75% of office bearers or members of the governing body of Indian organization receipt must not exceed the employees or members of foreign donor organizations. An individual must not be the Chief Functionary/office bearer of an Indian recipient organization in a foreign donor organization.
  • In the case of a single foreign donor, a minimum of 75% of office bearers or members of governing body of the recipient organization must not be the family member or close relative of the donor.

FCRA Online Registration Documents Required

Before moving to how to apply for an FCRA certificate/ Registration of FCRA process, have a look at the documents required to submit during FCRA registration,

Documents Required For FCRA certificate

  • Signature of Chief Functionary.
  • Self-certified replica of Memorandum of Association (MoA) or Article of Association (AOA).
  • Replica of the self-certified registration certificate or Trust Deed etc., of an establishment.
  • A replica of the audit statement of account of the previous three years.
  • A report is indicating activities of an establishment of the previous three years.


Documents Required Prior to Obtaining FCRA certificate

  • Signature of Chief Functionary. 
  • Photocopy of self-certified registration certificate, Trust Deed, etc.
  • A duly commitment letter signed by the donor.
  • In case of an editor, printer, owner, or publisher registered under Press and Registration Book Act, 1867, you are required to submit the certificate from the Registrar of Newspapers stating that publication is not a newspaper as prescribed.
  • Project report for which FC will be received. 

How to Apply For FCRA Certificate | FCRA Online Registration Process

Visit the official portal of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Click on the “FCRA online firms.”

 As you move to the next page, click on “application for FCRA registration (FC-3).”

After clicking on that, you will move to the next screen and click on “click to apply online.”

If you are a new user, sign up to create an account.

After you click on “signup,” fill in information such as Darpan ID and details of Chief Functionary.

As you will fill in the details, note down your user ID.

Now, fill in the login details to move the process forward.

As you log in, a letter will be displayed on the screen where you have to choose FCRA registration under “I am applying for.” Then select “apply online.”

Further proceed with the application by filling in all the required information such as Associate details, executive committee, EC details, and other bank details. 

Lastly, as you are done filling in all the details, submit the application by affixing documents.

At last, make the online payment and keep the acknowledgment for future reference.

Requirements to Fulfill For the Renewal of the Registration of FCRA Online

Darpan ID.

Signature of Chief Functionary.

FCRA registration certificate.

Certificate of registration of the establishment.

Memorandum of Association or Trust Deed.

Seal of association.

Our Role in Obtaining FCRA Registration | How Will Our FCRA Registration Consultants Will Make Process Seamless?

Our FCRA registration consultants will educate you regarding how to apply for an FCRA certificate, to make you understand each aspect of how to apply for FCRA certificate online.

Our FCRA registration consultants will provide you with assistance in the process of registration of FCRA online.

Our FCRA registration consultants guarantee to assist you in the process of documentation in FCRA online registration process.

Our FCRA registration consultants assist you in completing the eligibility criteria for the FCRA registration.

Our FCRA registration consultants will directly coordinate with officials to ensure appropriate follow-ups and acknowledgment. Also, to complete the startled demands of the officials, as and when required. 

Our FCRA registration consultants guarantee to provide you with the most satisfactory solution to your concerns regarding FCRA registration service or Registration of FCRA. 

FCRA registration


Considering the fact that before completing the registration of FCRA online or offline, an establishment must fulfill the eligibility criteria and documentation, along with understanding of how to apply for an FCRA certificate. If not, your registration application can not be processed further.

Thus, keeping the importance of registration of FCRA online/ offline or how to apply for FCRA certificate in mind, JR Compliance - #1 FCRA consultants in Delhi with its experienced and expert team, guarantees to provide the most satisfactory FCRA registration service to our clients. Also, we will directly coordinate with the official to meet the startled demands and ensure proper follow-ups. Hence, ensuring to complete everything as and when required in respect to how to apply for FCRA certificate.

Hence, for expert and professional FCRA registration services, contact our FCRA registration consultants immediately to know FCRA online return last date, FCRA registration for trust, and how to apply for FCRA registration online.

Have questions Regarding How to apply for FCRA certificate? We've got answers.

What could be the purpose of receiving foreign contributions?

An association registered under FCRA can receive foreign contributions for below-mention purposes, 

  • Social purpose
  • Religious purpose
  • Educational purpose
  • Cultural purpose
  • Economic purpose
To Whom FCRA,2010 Applicable?
  • Indian citizens residing in foreign.
  • Associate branches/subsidiaries in foreign countries, registered/incorporated in India.
  • Entire India.
When is the Registration of FCRA online Suspends?
  • On inspection of accounts and receiving any adverse input as opposed to functioning, the Ministry of Home Affairs can initially suspend the registration for 180 days.
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs can cancel the registration of an establishment that is not eligible for registration/grant of “prior permission” for three years from the date of cancellation.
Can the government cancel the registration certificate granted to an individual under FCRA?

Indeed, the government holds the authority to cancel the license according to Section 14 of FCRA, 2010. However, if the government cancels the licenses, then you are not eligible to obtain them for a certain duration of three years from the date of cancellation. 

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