Shop and Establishment Act Registration

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What is Shop and Establishment Act Registration?

Under the Department of Labour, the Shop and Establishment Act is an act that amends and amalgamates the laws concerning the working of commercial establishments such as a trade, profession, or business. 

Apart from regulating commercial establishments, it also governs the societies, education institutes, charitable organizations, printing establishments operating to earn profit. Also, it includes establishments operating in banking, insurance, brokerage, stock, or share sectors.

Further, it also regulated the other services related to employees in a shop and establishment such as working hours, rest intervals, closed days, religious and national holidays, overtime work, etc.

Additionally, the Shop and Establishment Act might refer to adding the state’s name as a prefix before the “Shop and Establishment (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act,2016.

Is Shop and Establishment Act registration mandatory?

Assuredly, an owner of a shop or establishment in India must obey the rules and regulations of the Shop and Establishment Act. 

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Who Needs to Obtain the Shop and Establishment Act Registration?

All the commercial establishments like hotels, amusement parks, eateries, restaurants, theatres, and other public amusement establishments which fall under the Act need to complete the Shop and Establishment registration online.

To be noted, below-mentioned is the definition of the commercial establishments according to the Act,

Note- Shop and Establishment Act registration must be done within 30 days from the date of commencement.

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Documents Required For Shop and Establishment Registration

Note- Documents can vary depending on different States and Types of organization. 

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Shop and Establishment Registration Online Process

Shop and Establishment Act Registration Process (For New Registration)

As per the Shop and Establishment Act, every shop or establishment comprising ten or more workers must register their shop/establishment within six months from initiation of the Act or the establishment’s date and acquire a Labor Identification Number.

The shops and establishments are obligated to file an application in a prescribed manner, i.e., Form A for registration.

After affixing the required documents, the payment will be made.

As authorities receive an application sub-section (2), they will register shop and establishment, and a Labour Identification Number will be issued.

Note- Shops and establishments registered under Employees State Insurance Act, 1948 or Employees Provident Fund (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1952 or any rules, regulations, or schemes must be judged to be registered for the objective of Act. 

Shop and Establishment Act Registration (For Existing User)

The details asked in the registration form needs to be filled (the information mentioned in the registration form should be the same as prior registration).

After filling in the details in the form, the documents needs to be affixed.

Once the documents will be affixed, Name Service Principal Labour Registration (old user) will open (on the official website) the Principal Employer Amendment Form.

The “Form-I” that needs to be saved after filling in the date of establishing each contract work under each contractor, particulars of contractors, and contract labor.

Further, affix the documents and payment will be made.

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Our Role in Shop and Establishment Registration

We will educate you concerning each aspect of the Shop and Establishment Act registration.

Our consultants will assist you in filing a new application and renewing a new application for the Shop and Establishment Act registration.

Our consultants team will assist you in the process of documentation.

We guarantee to fulfill the startled request of the officials. 

We will ensure proper follow-ups by directly coordinating with officials.

We guarantee to provide you with the most satisfactory solution to your concerns regarding Shop and Establishment registration online.


The process of new registration and renewal of the Shop and Establishment is tedious, and any inaccuracy in documents and filling in the information can reject the application. That would delay the process of registration.

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What are the Aspects Regulated by Shop and Establishment Act?
  • Prohibition of discrimination regarding recruitment, wages, training, transfers, and promotions of women employees.
  • Health and safety of the workers/employees include appropriate cleanliness, ventilation, conservation from fire, etc.
  • Hours of work comprising the rest intervals.
  • Wages for overtime work.
  • Sick leave, casual leave, annual leave, and other leaves/holidays.
  • Welfare provisions such as availability of drinking water, washroom facilities, creche facility, first-aid facilities, and canteen facilities.
  • Time and condition of wages paid.
  • Maintenance of record.
  • Policies regarding leave.
What are the Offenses and Penalties Under Shop and Establishment Act?
  • Infringement of the Shop and Establishment Act provisions must pay a fine, increasing up to Rs 2 lakh. Moreover, a person continuing the breach, contravene, must pay an additional Rs 2,000 for each day of continuing the violation.
  • Additionally, if an individual has been sentenced for an offense under subsection (1) is again at fault for engaging in the infringement or failure of compliance under similar provisions. An individual is punishable on a subsequent conviction with the fine of Rs 1 lakh, extending to Rs 5 lakh.
  • Under the Act, if an employer is at fault for breaching the provisions or any rules that have caused death or serious bodily injury of a worker, must be imprisoned. That can increase up to 6 months or with a fine which is not below Rs 2 lakh and can increase up to Rs 5 lakh, or both.
  • Suppose an individual deliberately obstructs the Facilitator in the practice of his power under the Act or intentionally neglects to appoint a Facilitator for inspection, inquiry, examination, or investigation by or under the Act. In that case, it is punishable to pay a fine that can increase up to Rs 2 lakh.
  • Individual neglect to produce the demand of the Facilitator, register, or other document kept in possession, or if an individual engages in the prevention or attempts to prevent the appearing of an individual before Facilitator or being examined by Facilitator should be punishable with a fine that can increase up to Rs 2 lakh. 
  • Each officer mentioned in the sub-section (1) must exercise power to compound a crime, subject to direction, supervision or control of the State.
  • An individual who fails to obey the officer’s orders mentioned in the sub-section (1) must be obligated to pay a sum equal to 20% of the maximum fine provided for the crime as an addition to such fine.
  • No crime punishable under the Act will be compound, excluding the one under and following the provisions of the Section.
  • Application for the compounding of the crime must be made in prescribed forms and manner.
  • No court will be aware of the crime under the Act unless the Facilitator files a complaint within three months from the date of the alleged offense is recognized.
  • An offense under the Act would not be tried by a court inferior to Metropolitans Magistrate or a Judicial Magistrate of the First Class.

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