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What is KC Certification?

Korea Certification (KC) allows an individual to use the KC mark on the product which demonstrates that an electrical and electronic product is safe and of high quality for the final users. However, to obtain the KC certification, your product must comply with KC requirements.

Earlier, Korea Communications Commission (KCC) mark was affixed on the Korean products, however, it was unified to the KC mark on 24th January 2011.

Is obtaining KC certification mandatory?

Indeed, to sell your product in the Korean market, you must acquire the KC certification. 

Why is KC certification essential?

The KC certificate ensures that an electric or electronic product is safe for the consumer. Moreover, without KC certification, a product can not enter the Korean market. Thus, South Korea  KC certification ensures market access. 

Who has the authority to provide KC certification?

KATS has the authority to provide South Korea KC certification, which is a part of the “Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy” (MOTIE). Moreover, it also issues a regulatory framework for various products to ensure that a product is safe for the consumer. 

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Types of KC Certification

Under the KC Safety Certification Scheme various types of equipment need safety approval. Thus, the electric or electronic equipment are classified in Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. 

1. Mandatory Safety Certification (Type 1)

It includes 53 products such as heavy machinery, fire fighting equipment, etc., which impose a high potential to harm the consumers, comparatively. Thus, the products covered under this must be certified by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) laboratory, along with acquiring the certification and registration from the same.

2. Self Declaration Certification (Type 2)

It comprises 93 categories of products that are regarded as less dangerous for end-users such as A/V and ITE equipment. Moreover, you are not required to do in-country testing. However, it must obtain the certification and registration by KATS. Though, you can only obtain the certification after meeting the prescribed safety requirements, excluding factory inspection or ongoing market surveillance.

3. Declaration of Conformity- DOC (Type 3)

It covers 33 product categories that are not harmful to the final consumers. Moreover, products that fall under this category must withstand the safety standards, either in-house or third-party testing. Also, obtaining KATS certification or registration is not required. 

Products Under KC Certification

Cables and cords



Lithium battery

Filters or capacitors

Power tool

Audio or video and alike equipment

IT and office equipment

Safety transformer and alike equipment

Installation protective equipment

Household and alike electric appliance

and more

How to Affix KC Certification Mark?

1. KC Logo
The KC mark must be affixed according to the size of the product. Along with this, marks must be effortless to identify, print, or engraved, and must not eradicate easily. 

2. KC Logo Detail
The KC logo provides the below-mentioned details, 

Security Certification Mark, including Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) certification code.

  • Product and model name.
  • Manufacturer name.
  • Rated input.
  • Double insulation mark.
  • Rated production time and more.


3. KC Certification Number
It is composed of different security codes provided by the Security Certification Body, product classification number, manufacturer name, etc.

Systematic Process of Obtaining KC Certification

The application form needs to be filled, affixing the required documents. 

After the submission of the documents and form, a product will be tested by the KC accredited laboratory. 

Along with product testing, there would be a factory inspection to inspect the production process. 

Once the product testing and factory inspection will be done, the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and immunity of a product will be checked. 

If a product withstands the KC requirements, KC certification will be obtained. 

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Note- Once KC certificate is obtained, annual factory inspections will be conducted to ensure that KC standards are being followed. 

Our Role in Obtaining KC Certification

Our KC certification consultants in India assures to provide you complete assistance in obtaining KC certificate. 

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Our KC certification consultants in India will coordinate with KC accredited laboratory for appropriate product testing and to ensure proper follow-ups. 

We will also coordinate with KC certification officials to ensure proper follow-ups and acknowledgment. 

To allow you to complete the KC requirements, we assure you to educate you about the same. 

To clear the factory inspection, you can blindly follow our experts’ advice. 

To rectify the EMC report, our experts can review the same. 

In case of any query, we will provide you with the most satisfactory solution to your concerns. 

As our after-sales service, we will provide you with the most satisfactory solution, in case you will face any legal issue even after obtaining KC certification. 

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Obtaining South Korea KC certification could be challenging and could result in delay if the appropriate action plan has not been followed or proper regulatory requirements are not followed. Moreover, there could be various reasons which can affect the South Korea KC certification registration such as improper knowledge regarding certification requirements, submission of inaccurate forms or documents, lacking in-country representation and representation, and more. 

That’s why you require the finest compliance service provider- JR Compliance who can make the South Korea KC certification easy because of the expertise and knowledge they have regarding KC certificate. Our KC certification consultants in India understand the technical requirements and regulations which allow us to minimize the risk.

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