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What is BSMI?

The Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection (BSMI) administers the Taiwan Commodity Inspection Schemes who is responsible for the standardization, metrology, and inspection of the product in Taiwan. 

Moreover, under the Commodity Inspection Act, it is obligatory to implement BSMI marks on the electric or electronic products. 

Product safety is one of the fundamental missions of the BSMI that is achieved through pre-market control measures, and post market surveillance actions. These both need an appropriate risk assessment system to ensure that resources are effectively and efficiently utilized for consumer protection. 

Depending on the advancement of technology and vast number of products BSMI has schemes according to which products are tested,

  • Type Approved Batch Inspection (TABI) - This scheme is applicable on the chemical, mechanical, electrical or electronic products, that is valid for three years.
  • Declaration of Conformity (DoC) - Applicable to IT equipment and electronic products, it has no expiry date.
  • Registration of Product Certification (RPC) - Applicable on the electrical and electronic products, it is valid for three years.

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Regulated Products Under BSMI Certification


Safety gloves



Charger for electrical bicycle

Wireless chargers

Radio keyboard

Audio visuals

Audio and video equipment

General household appliances

Power supply equipment

and more

BSMI Certification Process

A product will be tested to ensure that it meets the established standards.

If required, conformity assessment procedures will be conducted.

Further process under BSMI is done through different modules depending on the product. (a) A test type report will be issued by BSMI or designated testing laboratory. (b) Conformity-to-type declaration.

Thereafter, technical documentation will be analyzed.

If a product complies with the prerequisite standards, a BSMI certificate will be issued.

Obtaining BSMI certification Taiwan seems easy to obtain, however, it's easier said than done because it requires great deal of efforts - from following established guidelines to clear the factory inspection, accurate documentation, to coordinating with officials, JR Compliance have got you covered. 

To make the BSMI certificate process seamless, we have an integrated approach to take care of each aspect of the certification. Be it documentation, coordination with officials, including conducting pre-audits - we guarantee to make every effort to make things easy.

Our Role in BSMI Certification Taiwan

We will educate you in respect to each aspect of the BSMI certification.

Our consultants will inform you which certification module is applicable to a product, including providing you assistance in respect to which certification requirements is applicable on a certain product. 

Our BSMI certificate consultants will take care of the documentation to prevent any delay in submission.

We will invest our sustain efforts in conducting virtual factory pre-audit to ensure that everything is appropriate as per established standards.

To ensure that your product complies with the established standards, we will provide you with advice regarding the same. 

We will directly coordinate with the laboratory for product testing, if required. 

We will coordinate with the officials for proper follow-ups and to fulfill any startled requirement they may have.

Our consultants will be available 24*7 to take care of each and every query you may have.

BSMI Certification Taiwan


BSMI certificate is important to enter into the Taiwan market. In brief, it is a passageway which will allow you to set a foot in the market, without this a product can not be sold or distributed. Moreover, BSMI certification Taiwan includes various requirements depending on the product type, thus, requiring expert assistance. 

Consequently, JR Compliance - keeping ourselves abreast with the local laws and regulations, including applicable standards or rules in respect to the products will provide you 100% assistance in obtaining the BSMI certification Taiwan seamlessly. 

Contact our experts and get reliable assistance in obtaining BSMI certification Taiwan, including NCC type approval.

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