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What is NCC?

The National Communication Commission (NCC) is an authority which is responsible for regulating the telecommunication and broadcasting services in Taiwan. Contemporary, the convergence of telecommunications, broadcasting, and information networks is unpreventable. That’s why, regulatory agencies have been given the responsibility of governing the communication sector with wider and more strategic insight. 

Also, it has to maintain the proper coordination with the legislative and executive branches, including the private sector to emphasize on rapid development, to meet public expectations, and for transformation of the society. 

Now the question which arises is that - how does NCC achieve the above-mentioned emphasized factors? 

Well, NCC forms the directions of the regulatory reforms through the analyzes of development of digital convergence on the basis of supervisory principles of Fundamental Communications Acts, National Policies, and objectives. 

Thus, the fundamental motive of NCC is to regulate the communication sector to ensure different standpoints to ensure appropriate competition in the market, to protect public interest, and encourage the communication services development. In a nutshell, its motive is the nation's competitiveness.

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Products Falls Under the Purview of NCC

Global Mobile Radio System (GMS)

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)

Long Term Evaluation (LTE)

Wireless devices such as keyboards, mouse, etc with Bluetooth function

Taiwan NCC Certification Process

Register yourself by visiting the official website click on “New Registration.”

Product samples will be collected and product testing will be conducted by a recognized laboratory.

Test report of the product will be generated. 

If the product is up to the established standards, the NCC type approval certification process will move forward.

If the product is up to par, the application documents will be submitted to the accredited certification body. 

At last, once the conformity assessment is done, NCC type approval will be issued. 

Documentation, conformity assessment, product testing, coordination and more other aspects makes the NCC type approval challenging, especially, for a layman. That’s why we - an award winning compliance service provider come up with an action-oriented approach to take care of each aspect of certification.

For us, our customer’s satisfaction is our priority because you make us - who we are. So, here we are ready and equipped with all the resources to take care of everything - just like a snap of fingers.

Our Role in Taiwan NCC Certification

Our NCC consultants will provide you with all the knowledge in regard to the Taiwan NCC certification.

We will invest our time and resources in completing the documentation and certification. 


Our experts will coordinate with the NCC accredited laboratory to ensure proper and timely testing, including maintaining adequate follow-ups.

We will provide you reliable information in respect to which standard is applicable on your product. Also, we will provide you with complete assistance in implementing those standards.

Our NCC consultants will directly coordinate with officials to meet startled requirements or regular follow-ups.

Our NCC consultants will provide technical support 24*7 to solve the answer query you may have in regard to how to get NCC type approval.

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NCC Taiwan is obligatory to obtain to sell or distribute products in Taiwan, however, it includes various pre-requisite requirements which are mandatory to implement. Moreover, it includes a great deal of effort in completing each step of certification, thus making the certification process challenging for a layman. 

So, what you need to do is to contact us - JR Compliance, a consultancy firm with 20+ partners all over the world. We are not only equipped with resources to take care of your NCC Taiwan certification requirements, but if required we will provide after certification services to make everything seamless. 

Contact us - a  reliable and experienced consultancy firm and get your certification within your time constraints. Also, our consultants are capable to provide you complete BSMI certification for IT equipment and electronic products.

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What are the four administrative principles of NCC?

NCC has four administrative principles - 

  • Protect people’s rights.
  • Encourage the appropriate development of the communication.
  • Raise the multi-cultural diversity.
  • Protect consumer’s interest.
What are the four policy goals of NCC?

Below-mentioned are the four policy goals of NCC -

  • Responsibility
  • Independence
  • Balance
  • Maximum benefit to the public

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