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What is ICASA Type Approval?

According to the Section 35 (1) of the Electronic Communications Act - use of any type of electronic communications equipment or electronic communications facility, including radio apparatus is exempted from being supplied, sold, or distributed in South Africa. 

Additionally, ICASA type approval ensures that all the electronic communications equipment or electronic communications facility, including radio apparatus have been authorized to use or import in South Africa. Though the authorization will only be given if a product has met the technical standards.

These technical standards or specifications are established or determined by the authority based on the standards established by recognized international, regional and national standards-making bodies.

Though, excluding the products which fall under the purview of Type approval, products (non-type approval products) do not fall under the same, can not be sold or distributed in South Africa.


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Who Are Required to Obtain ICSA Type Approval?

In a nutshell, all the Equipment used or to be used in connection with the provision of electronic communications, unless excluded or exempted are required to obtain the type approval.

ICASA Type Approval Process

ICASA type approval is done in three different phase - 

  1. Performance testing as per applicable standards.
  2. Testing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), including both emission and immunity measurements.
  3. Testing of safety.

ICASA Approval Types Certification Process -

1. Standard Type Approval

If an equipment has been type approved for the first one, it needs to be done as per the Standard type approval -

  • An application will be duly submitted along with the required documents.
  • If required, additional documents need to be submitted as required by the authorities.
  • If assessment is successful, Type approval will be issued.
  • If assessment is unsuccessful, a letter will be issued specifying the reason for rejection.
2. Simplified Type Approval

It is applicable on the products which already has obtained the approval before -

  • An application will be duly submitted including the required documents.
  • Product samples might need to be submitted.
  • If a product test report reflects that a product complies with technical specifications, ICASA approval will be issued.
3. Provisional Type Approval

For the trial, demonstration, or research on commercial basis or Testing the Equipment in an ATL in South Africa a Provisional Type Approval will be issued for the duration of 6 months -

  • An application will be duly submitted along with the required documents.
  • The reports in regard to the test, trial, research or demonstration, within thirty (30) days from the lapse of the permit duration, need to be submitted.
  • If everything meets the specified requirements, type approval will be issued.

Our Role in ICASA Type Approval

Our ICASA consultants will provide knowledge of each and every aspect of any of the ICASA type approval.

We have a team of professionals to directly coordinate with the officials to keep ourselves abreast with the information in regard to each aspect of the types of ICASA approval.

Our success lies in our customer’s success, which is why we are guaranteed for timely submission of the documentation.


In case of product testing, we will coordinate with the accredited laboratory to ensure timely testing.

In case of rejection of the application, our consultants will invest their time and resources to provide the appropriate solution and solution to the issues.

To ensure our customer’s satisfaction, we will coordinate with the officials to meet any startled requirements which may arise.

Our ICASA consultants will be available 24*7 to resolve any query you may have.

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ICASA type approval is one of the obligatory certification requirement to fulfil in South Africa because it serves as evidence that a product has met the safety requirements, including assuring that a product is of high-quality and reliable. Keeping the necessity of ICASA type approval to sell or import products in South Africa, we - JR Compliance are equipped with all the reasources to take care of all the certification requirements.

We have over 20+ partners worldwide, which helps us in keeping ourselves abreast with laws, changes in laws and regulations, introduction of a standard, and more because we believe that a small missed details could affect our clients, thus, we closely coordinate with the officials to remain updated.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.


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