FSB Russia Notifications - Requirements For Import in Russia

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What is FSB?

The Federal Security Service (FSS) is a federal executive body which is responsible for implementation of government policy, including protection and defence of the Russian border. Moreover, it has also been acronymized as FSB.

That begs the question - what are FSB Russia notifications or FSS notifications

FSB notifications or FSS notifications is a document which is obligatory to obtain to import a product with encrypted features.

So, if you are a manufacturer, distributor, or testing center, looking for FSB certification, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team- we guarantee to assist you in obtaining FSB certification from the first to last step by avoiding every possible inaccuracy. 

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Products Falls Under FSB Russia Notifications

Wifi module
Radio station
Laptop, mobile, and PC
ATM and card terminals
Video game consoles
Switches and routers
Operating systems
and more

How to Obtain FSB Notifications Certification?

Application will be filed along with the required documents.

Product specifications will be tested and analyzed.

A quotation and contract will be signed.

A manufacturer is required to provide the POA.

FSB notification certificate will be issued, if everything is up to par.

FSB Russia notifications or FSS notifications are issued with the motive to provide quality and safe products to the customer. And if you are looking for a consummate consultancy firm with the experience of dealing in global certification along with having over 20+ partners worldwide

Moreover, we - JR Compliance work not to earn profit, but to provide best services to our clients because - your success is our success.

Our Role in FSB Notifications

We will educate in regard to each aspect of the FSB notifications. 

We will analyze which specification is applicable on your product.

We will assist in creating a POA. 


We will coordinate with the laboratory to complete the testing timely.

Our FSB consultants will coordinate with the officials to ensure regular follow-ups.

To keep our client’s interest and convenience insight, we assure to maintain the transparency. 

Our FSB consultants will be available 24*7 to resolve any query you may have.


FSB Russia certifcation is obligatory to obtain to enter the Russian market, however, it can not be ignored - how tough it is to meet the certification requirements. Because it includes number of technical specifications as applicable on the product, documentation, and other requirements. That's why, you require an expert and professional assistance to keep things under check rather than trying to understand everything at the last moment.

You are at the right place! We - JR Compliance are the one stop solution to your FSB certification requirements because we believe in working and completing our work within time constraints.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.

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