PSE Mark Certification - Safety Mark For Electric Appliances

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What is a PSE Mark?

It is an obligatory certification mark applicable on various electric appliances and materials sold or distributed in Japan. It is applicable on two categories - Manufacturers of Specified Electrical Appliances or Materials (Category A) and None-specified Electrical Appliances and Materials (Category B)

The products which fall under either of the schemes are obligatory to obtain PSE marks. 

To be noted, products under Category A will be authorized by METI, a third party certification body; these products might show the ‘Diamond PSE Mark.” The products under Category B’s registration will be completed through a qualified certification body or will require a “Self-declaration” by manufacturers. 

One of the fundamental reasons for mandatory implementation of the PSE mark is that it serves as a mark of safety - thus, ensuring safety of the final consumer. Also, it provides other benefits to the manufacturers such as wider marker access, trustworthiness, and competitive advantage over competitors. 

In another word, it ensures that a product has met the obligatory technical specifications.

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Products Under the Purview of PSE

Heated toilet seats
Storage water heaters
Sauna heaters
Aquarium heaters
Toys with heating elements
Electric pumps
Ice cream machines
Garbage disposal machine
Riding toys
Massage devices
AC adaptor
and more

PSE Mark Certification Process

An application will be duly filed.

The confirmation of technical requirements will be checked.

Conformity assessment will be conducted.

If a product has met the requirements, a “Self-declaration test” will be done.

Thereafter, PSE mark can be implemented, if everything is up to par.

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Obtaining PSE mark certification includes meeting prescribed requirements, checking product specifications, submission of documents, and many more requirements which may occur. That’s why we - JR Compliance have come up with an integrated approach to meet your certification requirements within defined time constraints without compromising the quality of our services.

That makes us the #1 compliance service provider believes in meeting our customer’s expectations by taking a hold over each aspect and every aspect of PSE mark certification.

Our Role in Obtaining PSE Mark

Our experts will educate you regarding each aspect of the PSE mark certification.

Our PSE mark consultants will analyze a product to check whether your product falls under the PSE mark purview.

We will do in-depth research to know under which category your product falls.

After proper understanding of the applicable requirements on a certain product, the certification process will move forward.

We will invest our sustained efforts in completing the documentation accurately and in a timely manner.

Our PSE mark consultants will provide complete assistance in conducting conformity assessments. Moreover, we can also conduct a pre-conformity assessment, if required.

We will assist you in implementing the PSE mark, as prescribed.

Our PSE mark consultants are abreast with all the information and requirements to complete the certification of Category A and Category B.

We will be available 24*7 to provide you technical assistance in case of any concern.


Obtaining PSE certification could be tedious and perplexing as it includes number of activities such as choosing an appropriate approval procedure, documentation, meeting the measurement facility description, and more. All these do not only make the process lengthy but also tough to follow. Because not complying with any of the PSE mark standards can delay certification process and result in rejection of certification.

Consequently, JR Compliance, with experience of 8+ years in providing national and international compliance services guarantees to provide you the most appropriate solution to all your concerns to obtain PSE certification - we have a solution for all.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.

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