Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS)

Let's win the trust of the final consumers by implementing the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) mark on your product as it is an obligatory requirement to enter the Australian market. Contact us and know how to obtain MEPS Certification.

What is MEPS?

Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) refers to a specification which includes various performance requirements applicable on the electric equipment, lighting, and appliances for energy efficiency. 

Meeting MEPS is obligatory for a wider product range in Australia and New Zealand. Thus,  electric equipment, lighting, and appliances need to be registered and meet the established requirements to sell or distribute in either of the countries.

What is an Energy Rating Label (ERL)?

ERL indicates the energy performance information to the consumers during the sale of the product which are regulated by the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Act, 2012. 

In a nutshell, like BEE certification in India, ERL allows the customers to compare different products (having same or different models) depending on the star rating of a product. 

Before moving forward, let’s understand - what is GEMS? 

GEMS Act, 2012 is a national framework which has been created with the motive to ensure energy efficiency in Australia. It has replaced the earlier state regulators and is solely responsible to administer the legislation in Australia.

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Why is MEPS Essential?

One of the foremost importance of Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) lies in the fact that it ensures that a product is energy efficient through specifying a minimum efficient energy level. This is done, to prevent the entrance of inefficient products in the market. 

While on the consumer’s part, it ensures that a product is energy efficient and has a low running cost. 

To be noted, MEPS are the established standards which are applicable on a product, however, it also includes a Energy Rating Label (ERL) which serves as a proof that a certain product has met Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS).

Products Which Require ERL

Air conditioners (single phase)

Clothes washers

Clothes dryers





Computer monitors

and more

Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) Registration Process

Application will be duly filed. 

Product testing will be conducted to check whether a product meets the established standards or not.

Product test report will be analyzed.

MEPS approval will be provided if all the established criteria has been met.

Mark reflecting energy efficiency under MEPS

Checking whether a product complies with the established requirements or not is necessary to ensure that a product is energy efficient. Though, it is evident that meeting Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) is obligatory to ensure that a product which has been sold in the Australian market utilizes less energy. 

That requires appropriate understanding of requirements implemented on a product, knowledge of MEPS, including maintaining coordination with the officials or laboratory to take care of every aspect of the MEPS approval. 

You are at the right place! 

JR Compliance - an award winning compliance service provider is equipped with all the resources to take care of each aspect of the certification, including meeting the established requirements, coordinating with officials, whatnot. 

Our Role in MEPS Approval

Our MEPS consultants will educate in regard to each aspect of the MEPS approval.

We will complete the documentation accurately.

Our MEPS consultants are abreast with all the information in regard to the application requirements on a product.


For product testing, we will coordinate with the laboratory for follow-ups and acknowledgements. 

We will coordinate with the officials to meet startled demands, if any arises.

In case your product does not meet the requirements, our MEPS consultants will provide you advice regarding the same.

We will be provide you 24*7 assistance to resolve any query you may have.


With experience of 8+ years in providing national and international compliance services guarantees to provide you the most appropriate solution to all your concerns in regard to the MEPS certification - we have a solution for all. JR Compliance believes in meeting the time constraints of the clients because our success lies in your success, that's why we are equipped with all the resources to take care of each and every aspect of the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) approvals.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.

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