Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board

“Environment Issues Are Social Problems, Not Individual.”

Considering the degradation of environment in mind, CPCB has implemented several obligatory parameters to prevent and control the environment degradation. So, obtain the CTE from UPPCB, a statutory organization to avoid imposition of penalty.

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What is the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board?

Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board is a statutory organization which has been trusted to implement the Environmental laws and rules as prescribed in the jurisdiction of Uttar Pradesh. The Water Pollution, Prevention, and Control Board was established on February 3, 1975. However, under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, was initially renamed as UP Pollution Control Board (on July 13, 1982). Subsequent to the enactment of the Air Act, 1981.

Moreover, under Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Act, 1977 UPPCB has been entrusted with the power and functions, including the responsibilities under Environmental Protection Act, 1986.

Apart from possessing powers, functions, and responsibilities under different Acts, its primary functions are prevention and control of air and water pollution by investing their efforts in providing assistance to the industries and entrepreneurs in discharging their daily basic obligations for environment preservation. 

It has been done considering that water and air quality monitoring is an essential aspect for environmental management. 

For better understanding of the functions of the UPPCB board, let’s know about its functions one by one -

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Industrial Categorization Under UPPCB

Like Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC), UPPCB has classified industries depending on the pollution index. The pollution index of a particular industry signifies whether an industry will fall under the red, orange, green, and white category.

Below-mention are the industrial classification as per pollution index -

Red category - Pollution score index 60 and above
Orange category - Pollution score index 41 to 59
Green category - Pollution score index 21 to 40
White category - Pollution score index incl. And upto 20

To be precise, according to the UPPCB, U.P has 420 grossly polluted industries. These Have been classified as -

  • Industries which are responsible for discharge of effluent directly or indirectly in water courses. It has been further divided into -
    1. Industries taking care of hazardous substances.
    2. Effluent possessing a BOD load of 100 kgs per day or more.
  • The second category includes a combination of above mentioned categories 1 and 2.

To be noted, UP has 221 non-polluting industries and 27 polluting industries, though obtaining Consent to Establish (NOC) is obligatory for both. However, the concerned authorities to obtain NOC differs as UPPCB has decentilized its powers. 

Therefore, non-polluting industries are required to seek NOC from G.M and DIC, on the other hand, industries which create pollution are required to obtain NOC from the Member Secretary of UPPCB.

Procedure to Obtain Permission Under UPPCB

Registration Process For Red Category
  • Duly submit the documents online.
  • Then, undertaking will be granted.
  • Once the undertaking will be generated & all the documents are correct. 
  • Then the UPPCB certificate will be generated.
  • At last, a hard copy of the certificate will be submitted to the UPPCB.
Registration Process For Green and Orange Category
  • If your site is under an industrial area, first, the documents will be submitted online. While, if your site is under redevelopment area, SDM letter or industry inspector letter will be required to move to the next step.
  • CTE application will be generated.
  • Once the CTE application is generated, the hard copy application of the signed CTE will be submitted to the UPPCB.
  • If Pollution Control Device is required, the Pollution Control Equipment will be installed.
  • Thereafter, UPPCB will monitor the installed lab equipment.
  • CTE or CTO application will be generated. Additionally, if installation of Pollution Control Equipment is not required, prior two steps need not be required to follow.
  • Then, a UPPCB application will be generated.
  • Submit the signed hard copy of the CTE or CTO application to UPPCB.
  • At last, a CTO or CTE certificate will be issued.
Registration Process For White Category

Industries which fall under white category do not have to obtain CTE and CTO. However, they are required to submit an undertaking online to UPPCB within the 30 days along with sending the signed copy of undertaking.

Documents Required For Consent Applications

Memorandum of Association/ Partnership deed/ etc depending on company type.

Layout plan signifying the location of process equipment, effluent treatment plant, etc.

Detailed flow chart of manufacturing process.

Information in regard to water balance and water waste balance.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) proposal.

Air pollution measure proposal.

Material safety data Sheets.

Proposal of online installation of monitoring systems and more

Consent fee under Water and Air Acts payable to the Board

Our Role in UPPCB Registration

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Pollution is one of the major aspects of our life, like air and water, however, it’s a well known-fact that pollution is affecting humans in the worst possible way. Thus, to keep it under check, different State Pollution Control Boards have been created to prevent and control the pollution.

Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) is ensures to keep pollution under control by ensuring implementation of the appropriate measures established by the CPCB. Moreover, its registration process is quite challenging, which requires a professional approach to meet the different requirements - that’s us.

JR Compliance - a leading compliance service provider is equipped with all the necessary information and resources to take care of certification requirements. 

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