Uttarakhand State Pollution Control Board

With growth in different areas, industries are consistently increasing the pollution. Considering the problem of constant increase  of pollution in different states CPCB has established certain guidelines. Further, CPCB has delegate its powers to SPCB and Uttarakhand State Pollution Control Board is one of the SPCB responsible for the implementation of several laws to control or prevent pollution in different sectors.

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What is the Uttarakhand State Pollution Control Board?

Uttarakhand State Pollution Control Board was constituted in 2001 depending on Section (4) of Water Act, 1974 by the Forest and Environment Division.

Further, with the purpose to uniformly implement the environmental laws throughout the country to prevent, control, and abate the environmental issues for the health and safety of the human beings, flora and fauna. 


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Categorization of Industries

Uttarakhand State Pollution Control Board categorizes All the Industrial/ Non-Industrial Sector/Project/Unit have been categorized under Red, Orange, Green and White categories based upon their pollution potential and range of pollution index for the purpose of consent management under Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Air (Prevention & Control of pollution) Act, 1981 on the direction of CPCB issued under section 18 (1) (b) of Water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981 -

Consent Policy of Uttarakhand State Pollution Control Board
  • Industrial, non-industrial, project or unit which falls under Red, Orange, Green categories are covered under consent management before obtaining Consent to Establish (CTE) and Consent to Operate (CTO). 
  • Industrial, non-industrial, project or unit which falls under White category are exempted from consent management to obtain CTE and CTO. Thus, it is not required to obtain CTE and CTO, including any other industries or units which do not fall under the Red, Orange, and Green categories. 
  • Existing industrial, non-industrial, project or unit are appended within the procedure to obtain Consent Management (industries not covered under Consent Management as Notified on 15.04.2014 or earlier, however, have covered under new industrial categorization). Therefore, only require to apply for the CTO.
  • The units fall under Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) (Notification dated on 14-09-2006) as changed from time to time and must apply for CTE, after obtaining Environmental Clearance from the Competent Authority.
  • Industrial, non-industrial, project or unit established in area prescribed in Aravali Notification (dated on 7-May-1992) as issued by Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) and CC must obtain clearance from the competent authority prior to obtaining CTE and first CTO (if new industries are added as per the new categorization).
  • The areas established outside the Aravali area in the District of Gurgaon and Mewat should also obtain the CTE or first CTO (in case of new industries covered under Consent Management according to the new categorization).
  • Projects which fall under the revenue estates as mentioned in the Notification no 191 (E) dated on 27-08-2010 issued by MoEF are required to obtain clearance or permission from the Monitoring Committee and concerned Authority.
  • For procuring CTE, in case of Hot Mix Plants Screening Plants, etc are also required to submit the distance in regard to the different siting parameters that have been prescribed.
  • The units which are established outside the approved areas or estates are obligatory to provide information in respect to the land. While the units which are established in authorized areas are required to mention allotted plot number in the application. Also, the details of land or plot will be provided in the CTE.
  • CTE will be provided only for the operation or process of products or activities for which plot has been allotted or CLU permission has been granted. In case of any change in the activities or products, a new CTE needs to be obtained for the concerned product or activity. 
  • Prior to applying to the first CTO, each unit is required to provide the required facilities for air sampling or emission from duct, chimney, and any other source an industry may have, including the providing essential facilities to access the samples.
  • The performance security deposited will be refunded or returned on the recommendation of the concerned Regional officer automatically once the pollution control devices will be installed, a proper compliance with standards has been followed for TE and first CTO. It also includes submission of appropriate or satisfactory reports reflecting the complying with the established standards for discharge of pollutants, including air emissions, noise levels, etc.
  • Industries which have earlier violated their establishment without obtaining CTE can also obtain CTO. Though, it must have to comply with established standards.
  • If a unit falls under Hazardous and Other Waste Rules, 2016; E-waste Rules, 2016; Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016; Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016 - must apply for Grant of Authorization or Registration depending on the concerned position. 
  • A new CTE will require, in case of any change in quality of effluent, number of outlets, and any other intended change.
  • CTE and CTO applications will take appropriate time as prescribed by the Board or Authorities.
  • In the case of the red category, thrust will be provided that all units must obtain CTO approval for 5 years. While in case of Orange category, 10 years and for the Green category, 15 years. 
  • First CTO for projects is valid for the duration to which the existing CTO stands. However, if the first CTO application for expansion has been submitted with the renewal application, the validity of the both will remain the same.
  • Provisions issued by the Board are obligatory to comply.
  • A unit can not be established and operated without obtaining CTE and CTO.

How to Obtain CTE/ CTO ?

An online application will be filed.

Receiving officer will scrutinize the application depending on the complete/ in-complete submission of the application.

An inspection will be conducted by a Regional Officer (RO).

A Consent will either be issued by RO or your application will move forward to Unit Head.

The application moved forward will be scrutinized by Unit Head or Consent will be issued, or an application will move forward to Member Secretary.

The Member Secretary will issue the consent.

Our Role in Obtaining CTE/ CTO

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Our Environmental Team will provide appropriate advise and complete the whole procedure to obtain Pollution License for your Business.

Our consultants will draft & file the application with Uttarakhand State Pollution Control Board.

We will deliver Consent/CTE/CTO via email and courier.

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Obtaining CTE or CTO approval from Uttarakhand State Pollution Control Board is necessary, but comprehensive. Thus, a layman finds it challenging to understand or obey all the prescribed guidelines due to applicability of different Act, laws, and enforcement to ensure environmental protection.

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