NRTL Certification - Conformance With USA & Canada's Safety Standards

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What is NRTL?

A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) is an independent organization which certifies that a product meets the established standards, thus, can be sold or distributed in the USA and Canada

In  a nutshell, NRTL certification is necessary to enter the USA and Canada market because it serves as evidence that an electric and electronic product has complied with the established standards. Therefore, a product is safe for the final consumers, including it provides wider market and competitive advantages.

Each NRTL includes a scope of test standards which includes its own unique registration certification mark.

So, if you are a manufacturer, distributor, or testing center, looking for FCC certification, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team- we guarantee to assist you in how to get a FCC license from the first to last step by avoiding every possible inaccuracy. 

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NRTL Certification Required For Below-mentioned Products

Electric conductors or equipment
Portable fire extinguisher
Flexible connectors (piping,valves, fittings) - LPG
Employee alarm system
Fire extinguisher system (dry chemical, water spray, foam, or gases agent)
Fire detection device for automatic actuation of total flooding system

Automatic sprinkler systems
Service station dispensing units (automotive, marine)
Electrostatic hand spray apparatus and devices
Acetylene piping protective devices and more
Heat actuated (closing) devices (dip tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids)
and more

Who is Eligible To Obtain NRTL Certification

As mentioned, NRTL is an private or independent organization recognized by OSHA to conduct product testing and certification. Below-mentioned are the eligibility requirements -

Ability to test and evaluate equipment to comply with adequate test standards.

Availability of appropriate controls to identify certified products, including conducting proper follow-ups inspections for actual production. 

An effective procedure must be followed for generating its findings and to handle complaints and disputes.

A complete independence from the manufacturer, user, or vendor of the product of certified product.

NRTL logo

These requirements are necessary to obtain OSHA NRTL for both - product safety testing laboratory and as a product certification body.

How to Get NRTL Certification?

An application will be duly submitted for an initial recognition by OSHA.

Once it is demonstrated that established criteria and requirements have been met through evaluation and reviewing of each application materials.

In the case of foreign applicants, OSHA must consider the reciprocity of the concerned government.

If an organization has met the criteria, an in-depth on-site inspection will be conducted.

Thereafter, OSHA will publish a notice to the Federal Register for public comment.

Following the 30 days after publishing of the notice, a final decision will be made in regard to the comments in the Federal Register. 

An NRTL certificate will be issued if the product has met established standards.

We - JR Compliance an award winning compliance service provider prides ourselves on providing competent and reliable compliance service. Be it NRTL or FCC certification - we have got you covered. Moreover, obtaining NRTL certification includes a great deal of effort from meeting the established standards to coordinating with the laboratory or concerned authorities - we will take care of each and every aspect of the certification.

Our Role in NRTL Certification

Our experts will educate regarding each aspect of the NRTL  certificate, including how to obtain OSHA NRTL, NRTL certification required for which products, and more.

JR Compliance guarantees to provide you complete assistance in obtaining an OSHA NRTL certificate.

We assure you to assist you in documentation to avoid every inaccuracy.

We are equipped with all the necessary resources to conduct pre-inspection and initial manufacturing quality assessment programs, if required. 

Our NTRL certification consultants are aware of the national and international technical aspects of the NRTL certification. 

We are India’s one of the #1 compliance consultancy firm with the experience of over 8+ years is equipped with all the resources to complete the testing of a product.

We will directly coordinate with the officials to ensure proper follow-ups and acknowledgements. 

Our experts will also provide you with a complete assistant in regulatory factory surveillance. 

Our NRTL consultants will provide 24*7 support to resolve any query you may have in regard to OSHA NRTL.

We are a one stop solution to all your certification requirements. 


OSHA NRTL certification is one of the essential certifications which is mandatory to obtain to enter the USA and Canada market because it ensures safety and reliability of the product. However, it is challenging for a layman to keep up with all the prescribed requirements, which means you require assistance to complete the certification. 

You are at the right place! JR Compliance believes in working within the defined time constraints by maintaining the flexibility and adaptability, including not compromising the quality. In brief, we will invest our time and resources in taking care of each and every aspect of OSHA NRTL, NRTL certification required for which products, including other aspects. 

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