Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control Board

Consistent growth in different areas of the industry are consistently increasing the pollution. That's why different states are obligatory to follow the CPCB's established guidelines. Likewise, Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control Board has implemented several laws to control or prevent pollution in different sectors.

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What is Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board?

Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control (MPPCB) is an authority with the responsibility to implement the environmental laws like -

  • Water (Prevention Control of Pollution) Act,1974
  • Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
  • Environment Protection Act, 1986 (certain sections)
  • Public Liability Insurance Act,1991
  • Madhya Pradesh Jaiv Anaashya Apashista(Niyantran) Act & Rule
  • And other Environmental laws and regulations

In a nutshell, MPPCB is responsible to maintain the health and usable condition of water, air, and soil by constantly keeping an eye on environmental activities in order to achieve their objective.

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How to Apply For Consent of Establishment?

A proponent location of the factory will be selected as prescribed by the authorities to minimize the adverse impact of pollution.

After selecting an appropriate location, a CFE application needs to be submitted along with required documents and requisite fee on the online portal.

After submission of application, an official of Regional Office (RO) will conduct an inspection.

Thereafter, an inspection report will be submitted to the Zonal office or Head Office for further processing.

If required, additional information needs to be submitted and an application will be proposed before the CFE committee for recommendation and examination.

The decision of the committee will be communicated through the online portal.

Our Role in Obtaining CTE/ CTO Under MPPCB

Our MPPCB consultants will educate you regarding how to get CTE/ CTO.

Our MPPCB consultants will assist you in the MPPCB registration process for any industrial category.

We will thoroughly understand each aspect of your industry to inform you under which category your industry falls.

Our consultants are aware of the laws and regulations of the CPCB or MPPCB to provide our client up to minute information.

Our MPPCB consultant will provide you complete assistance in documentation to prevent any inaccuracy which may occur.

We care about our clients expectations which is why we will conduct pre-auditing or monitor the industry, if required to check whether it has met the established standards or not.

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Pollution is a part of our life, similar to air we breathe, however, like we can not ignore its presence we need to take proper measures to prevent and control it. Considering the effect of pollution on humans and other living beings CPCB - an apex authority to control and prevent pollution. 

Thereafter, to ensure implementation of established environmental laws and regulations State Pollution Boards, like DPCC, GPCB, etc have been established with the responsibility to ensure the appropriate implementation of the same and MPPCB is one of them.

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