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What is IFETEL Certification?

Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFETEL) is a Federal Institute of Telecommunications which is responsible for ensuring testing and providing type approvals to set a foot in the Mexican market. 

In other words, it is a conformity assessment certification which signifies certain procedures, schemes, and period to follow to ensure conformity of a product, equipment, apparatus, and infrastructure in regard to telecommunications. 

In a nutshell, a product which uses frequency transmit and or receive signals, including all the communication products which are connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or public network shall have to obtain IFETEL certification.

You are at the right place to meet your IFETEL certification requirements because we are not only abreast with all the information in regard to complete the certification aspects, but we have quite a good experience in completing the foreign certification process.

Be it documentation, knowledge of technical aspect of certification, coordination with officials or laboratory - with us, consider it done.

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Schemes of Types of Approval Under IFETEL

1. Single Batch

It is applicable to the new products/ equipment/ devices/ appliances of the same model and brand. Under this scheme, a product of the same model and brand needs to be imported in a single batch and on a single occasion. 

2. Multi Batch

It includes multiple batches of new products having the same model and brand. In a subsequent filing, only the number of batches can be increased, yet, information in regard to the total number of batches needs to be provided.

3. Family

It includes products of the same brands having characteristics of the same technical design.it indicates that differences in the model numbers are restricted to asthesis and appearances but its interpretation has not been tested.

4. Device (probably a module)

It is applicable to the device and initial product reflects that a device has been incorporated into a product.

IFETEL Certification Process

The application will be duly filed.

Thereafter, sample products will be submitted for testing in an accredited laboratory.

Product test report will be reviewed .

If a product has met the certification requirements - IFETEL certificate will be issued. 

Obtaining a IFETEL certification is challenging, because it includes timely submission of documents, product samples, including meeting startled requirements if any may occur. That’s why, JR Compliance - an award winning compliance service provider guarantees to take care of all the certification requirements with a snap of fingers. 

Be it documentation, meeting technical requirements of a product, coordinating with officials or laboratory and any other requirements - we are the right choice to take care of everything.

Our Role in IFETEL Certification

Our IFETEL consultants will educate you in regard to each and every aspect of the certification. 

If needed, we will provide information in respect to the applicable technical specifications on a product.

If required, we will analyze the product and provide the best solution to meet technical specifications.


We will invest our sustained efforts in directly coordinating with the laboratory to ensure proper follow-ups.

To ensure the convenience of our clients, we will coordinate with the officials to meet their startled requirements.

We will be at your service 24*7 to solve any query you may have.


JR Compliance - an award winning compliance service provider are equipped with all the experts and resources to take care of certification requirements - be it obtaining NOM certification in Mexico or any other certificate in Taiwan, Canada, Argentina, and any other countries - consider it done. 

So, contact a professional, expert, and reliable consult for all your certification requirements.

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