TELEC Certification - Conformity Certificate For Radio Equipment

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What is TELEC?

Telecom Engineer Center (TELEC) is a radio equipment certification and testing organization in Japan operating from the previous 40 years in taking care of technical regulation conformity certification of radio equipment in Japan.

Moreover, TELEC is consistently expanding its fields by taking a hold over calibration of measuring equipment and different testing. 

Also, it plays an important role in expanding its field from technical regulations conformity certification to social contribution projects. Below-mentioned are the services offered by TELEC -

  • Radio Equipment Conformity Assessment
  • Calibration of Measuring Equipment
  • Radio Devices Testing
  • Terminal Equipment Conformity Certification
  • EMC or RF Testing for EU, USA, and other countries
  • Social Contribution Activities

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TELEC Certification Process

Form no. 1 must be duly submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications along with the required information.

A product testing will be conducted to conform to the technical standards. 

If an applicant is a legal entity, the documents indicating the name of the officer and career history of past 2 years of an individual, including the documents serving as an evidence of an individual does not fall under any activities which are considered unethical as per.

If a product meets all the requirements, a TELEC certificate will be issued.

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The use of radio equipment such as cellular phones, wireless LAN, and business purpose radio are consistently increasing in Japan. Being a registered certification body, TELEC has the authority to provide radio equipment conformity certification services.

Yet, it requires a great deal of effort to meet the technical requirements of TELEC as it requires understanding requirements of different products, documentation, coordination with officials or laboratory, and many other aspects. 

We care about our client’s satisfaction and convenience. That's why we have equipped ourselves with necessary resources, knowledge, and experts to take care of each certification aspect. Be it documentation, coordination with officials or laboratory, product testing, anything - we have got you covered.

Our Role in TELEC Certification

Our experts will educate regarding each aspect of the TELEC certification.

Our consultants will advise in regard to the applicable requirements on your products.

We will take care of application filing and renewal of the TELEC certification.

We are abreast with all the information to complete the registration of any radio equipment.

Our TELEC consultants will complete the documentation timely.


We will directly coordinate with the laboratory for product testing and regular follow-ups.

Our TELEC consultants will coordinate with the officials to meet startled requirements and to ensure regular follow-ups.

Our TELEC consultants will be available 24*7 to solve any query you may have.


Obtaining TELEC certification could be tedious and perplexing for a company because it includes activities such as choosing an appropriate approval procedure, documentation, meeting the measurement facility description, and more. All these do not only make the process lengthy but also tough to follow. Because not complying with any of the TELEC standards can delay certification process and result in rejection of certification.

Consequently, JR Compliance, with experience of 8+ years in providing national and international compliance services guarantees to provide you the most appropriate solution to all your concerns regarding TELEC certificate or how to get a TELEC license - we have a solution for all.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.

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