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What is FCC Certification?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an authority established to develop, enforce, and implement the regulations set by Congress under the Communications Act,1934, and the Telecommunications Act, 1996.

Thus, FCC regulates each form of telecommunications in the US, including radio, television, Bluetooth, digital cameras, wireless devices, and the broad spectrum of RF electronics.

The United States has set standards for the products that contribute to electromagnetic interference to reduce radio frequency (RF) interference between various electronic devices. Hence, for a product to enter into the American market must comply with the standards for the public’s safety or prevent the interference of various devices. 

Consequently, when an electronic device is FCC-approved, it demonstrates that a product has complied with the FCC standards. 

So, if you are a manufacturer, distributor, or testing center, looking for FCC certification, contact our experienced and knowledgeable team- we guarantee to assist you in how to get a FCC license from the first to last step by avoiding every possible inaccuracy. 

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Benefits of FCC Certification

Without FCC certification, an electronic device can not enter the US market because it can affect public health and create electromagnetic interference between various devices.

However, FCC certification allows the manufacturer or distributor to sell its products in the American market effortlessly without affecting the public’s health and restricting electromagnetic interference. Not obtaining FCC certification to sell electromagnetic products could impose penalties on the manufacturer or distributor. 

The FCC-certified product provides you more comprehensive market access as it allows people to trust your devices in terms of safety. 


The FCC mark demonstrates that a product is tested and verified. Thus, it guarantees zero risks. 

As the FCC mark signifies that a product has complied with FCC standards, this provides the competitive edge to the FCC-certified product. Hence, consumers will prefer FCC-certified products over uncertified products. 

What Products Requires an FCC Certificate?

Electronic products
Cordless telephone
Mobile phones
Bluetooth devices
Wireless local area networking equipment
Power adapters
Notebook computer
Tablet computer
TV interface devices
Land mobile radio transmitters
and more

How to Get a FCC License?

  • Determine whether FCC rules apply to your product or not. 
  • If it does, determine the particular type of equipment authorization that applies to your product. To be noted, in some instances, a device could have to obtain more than one type of approval procedure due to its different functions. 
  • Then, compliance testing would be performed to determine whether the device complies with applicable technical requirements. 
  • Moreover, the testing laboratory’s qualifications signify compliance based on the approval procedure you will use, i.e., Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) or Certification.

1. Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) is the process that requires the party responsible for compliance to ensure that its equipment complies with the proper technical standards. If the responsible party must be located in the USA, it is not required to apply for equipment authorization with the Commission or TCB. Yet, you must provide the test report and other information if requested by the Commission.

2. Certification (47 CFR Section 2.907) is the most meticulous process for RF devices with more prospects to cause harmful interference to radio services. Based on equipment evaluation of the supporting documentation and test data submitted by the responsible party to the TCB, an FCC-recognized Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) issued an equipment authorization. To be noted, the testing is done by the FCC-recognized accredited testing laboratory. 

  • Further, if your product complies with the requirements set by FCC under the procedures as mentioned earlier, you can obtain the FCC approval or certification. 

Compliance testing and complying with the FCC requirements could be highly perplexing, which can cause frustration for distributors and manufacturers. Consequently, JR Compliance guarantees to provide you the most appropriate understanding of the FCC certificate and assist you throughout the registration process. 

Description of the Measurement Facilities Must Include

  • Test site location.
  • List of used measuring equipment. 
  • Physical description of the test site, including pictures showing the details clearly. 
  • A drawing reflecting the test site dimensions, physical layout of supporting structures, and the structures within five times the distance between the measuring antenna and device which is being measured. 
  • Illustration of structures used to support the device which is being measured and test instrument. 
  • The measurement facility, which will test the radiation emission, will submit a plot of attenuation site data.
  • Detail regarding the measuring equipment calibration.

Our Role in Obtaining FCC Certificate

Our experts will educate regarding each aspect of the FCC certificate, including how to get a FCC license.

JR Compliance guarantees to provide you complete assistance in obtaining an FCC certificate.

We assure you to assist you in documentation to avoid every inaccuracy because submitting the wrong document can be the reason for application rejection.


Our FCC certification consultants will coordinate with the FCC accredited laboratory to ensure proper follow-ups and fulfill the startled demand if any. 

We also assure to directly coordinate with the authorities for appropriate follow-ups and to complete the startled requests.

To keep our client’s interest and convenience insight, we assure to maintain the transparency. 

Our FCC certification experts guarantee to provide you the most appropriate solution for your concerns.


Obtaining FCC certification could be tedious and perplexing for a company because it includes activities such as choosing an appropriate approval procedure, documentation, meeting the measurement facility description, and more. All these do not only make the process lengthy but also tough to follow. Because not complying with any of the FCC standards can delay certification process and result in rejection of certification.

Consequently, JR Compliance, with experience of 8+ years in providing national and international compliance services guarantees to provide you the most appropriate solution to all your concerns regarding FCC certificate or how to get a FCC license - we have a solution for all.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.

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