How to Get UKCA Mark?

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What is UKCA Marking?

UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) marking is a mark which is placed or imprinted on the products of Great Britain. It came into effect on January 1, 2021. 

Though, UKCA marking includes most of the products which earlier falls under CE marking, yet, CE marking can be used till January 1, 2023 to allow businesses to adjust the new requirements. 

That begs a question, what are the other similarities in CE  and UKCA marking? 

Well, CE and UKCA, both markings include largely similar technical requirements, conformity assessment processes, and standards. Also, the conditions to use self-declaration of conformity for UKCA marking are similar to that of CE marking.

Let’s see, whether you need a new UKCA marking -

  • Applicable to most of the products under CE marking.
  • Applicable on the aerosol products which are required to obtain “reverse epsilon” marking.


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Products Covered Under UKCA Marking

Toy safety
Simple pressure vessels
Measuring instruments
Outdoor equipment
Low voltage electronic equipment
Gas appliances
Radio equipment
Pressure equipment
and more

How to Use the UKCA Marking?

  • UKCA marking must be applied on the product or its packaging. However, in some cases, it could be applied on the product manuals or other supporting literature. In a nutshell, the placing of the UKCA marking differs depending on the specific regulations which are applicable on the product.
  • UKCA marking should be clearly visible.
  • It can only be placed on a product by the concerned authority or manufacturer, under the permission from the relevant legislature.
  • UKCA marking on a product reflects that you are taking complete responsibility for a product being compliant with the established standards.
  • It should only be used to indicate conformity with the appropriate UK legislation.
  • A mark must be used in any way to misconstrue its meaning or form to any third party.
  • Any other mark on the product must not be affixed which could affect the visibility or eligibility of the UKCA mark.
  • It is not authorized to place UKCA marking on a product, unless legislation prescribes the same.

How to Get UKCA Mark?

Application will be duly filed.

If required a product testing or conformity assessment will be conducted. 

Technical documentation will be done.

If everything is as per the established standards, UKCA marking can be implemented on a product.

UKCA mark logo

Note- UKCA marking certification steps will differ depending on the business’s current status and future market access. 

Obtaining UKCA marking on a product includes a great deal of effort because it includes technical documentation, testing or conformity assessment, ensuring proper coordination with officials, and any other certification requirements - we have got you covered. 

Moreover, we care about our customers, which is why we follow an integrated approach to take care of every aspect of how to get UKCA mark.

Our Role in UKCA Marking

To ensure transparency, we will educate our clients regarding how to get UKCA mark.

Our UKCA consultants will analyze your current business status and future market access to follow the defined series of steps to obtain certification.

Our UKCA consultants will take care of timely completing of technical documentation.


If applicable, we will coordinate with accredited laboratories to ensure proper follow-up.

We also assure to directly coordinate with the authorities for appropriate follow-ups and to complete the startled requests.

To keep our client’s interest and convenience insight, we assure to maintain the transparency. 

We will be available 24*7 at your service to resolve any query you may have in regard to how to get UKCA mark.


UKCA mark on products serves as a passageway to Great Britain like CE certification or IEC/ EN 62368-1 Implementation in Europe. That’s why, JR Compliance with the motive to improve the convenience of our clients have come up with a client centric approach to make certification easy for you. 

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