EAC Certification- A certificate of conformity

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What is an EAC Certificate?

Евразийское соответствие or Eurasian Conformity (EAC) Certificate is the mandatory mark, which should be secured on a product to signify its compliance with technical regulations of the Eurasian Custom Union. Thus, an EAC-marked product demonstrates that a product withstands all the technical requirements and has cleared all the conformity assessments. 

Moreover, whether a product requires an EAC certificate/declaration or not depends on the conformity assessment as prescribed through the technical regulations and HS code. Additionally, the classification will be done as per the Russian HS code. 

Why is EAC certification necessary?

An EAC certification is essential because it ensures that a product is safe for the final consumers. In short, it provides a legal framework for various products for health and safety requirements, which can not be chip away.

Does your product require EAC certification or declaration?

Whether a product is required to obtain the certification or declaration depends on the characteristics, HS code, functions, and purpose.

Moreover, an EAC declaration is issued for the products which involve less risk. In contrast, EAC certification is issued for high-risk products.

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Benefits of Obtaining EAC Certification/Declaration

Eliminate the low quality and indistinguishable products from the market.

Broader market access due to ensuring the health and safety of the final consumers. 

Increase the sales and business development prospects.

Builds consumer confidence in the product by providing high-quality and safe products. 

Features of EAC Marking

An EAC marking demonstrates that a product has complied with the “Basic Safety Requirements,” as prescribed by the Technical Regulations. 

A product that is subject to one or more certificates must acquire the EAC certificate by keeping all the technical requirements into account before entering the market. 

Once the EAC certificate is obtained, other marks or approval is not permitted on the product because it will question the “EAC” statement. 

During production, the manufacturer is responsible for the application of technical regulation. 

If required, an authority body must be a part of the conformity assessment. 

Before entering the market, a product must comply with the current technical regulations and provide that the conformity assessment has followed as per technical regulations. 

A manufacturer must affix the EAC mark on the product.

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Documents Required For EAC Certification

  • Manufacturer’s power of attorney
  • Test report
  • Producer’s details
  • Product design drawing with a particular material element and picture documentation
  • Factory inspection report
  • Technical documentation
  • User manual
  • In the case of food, submit the information regarding ingredients
  • Features of an operational facility

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The Process to Obtain EAC Certification

Classify a product as prescribed.

The appropriate conformity procedure will be identified, i.e., whether you should opt for EAC certification or declaration.

The form will be filled along with affixing the required documents as required, such as test reports, technical passports, etc.

Now, affixed documents needs to be verified and, if possible, documents will be translate into the Russian language as required. 

If required, an on-site audit or product testing will be conducted. 

As you comply with the technical regulations, you can use the EAC mark on your product. 

Obtaining certification/declaration is a challenging process. That’s why it is essential for you to have the expert to liaise with you to ensure proper follow-ups. In addition, JR Compliance has comprehensive knowledge of Custom Union requirements, which will allow completing the registration process easily. 

Our Role in Obtaining EAC Certification/ Declaration

Before commencing the certification process, we will provide you complete knowledge of the Custom Union requirements to keep you aware of the latest changes in the conditions.

JR Compliance will conduct a pre-audit to check the application of the type of certification or standards. 

We will provide you our complete assistance throughout the registration process. 

We guarantee to assist you with the documentation process. 

Our EAC certificate consultants assure to handle the testing, certification, initial factory inspection, and project appropriately. 

Our EAC certificate experts have the potential to assist you in the renewal of the certification as and when required. 

We directly coordinate with officials to ensure proper follow-ups and to fulfill the startled demands. 

In case of any concern, we guarantee to provide you with the most satisfactory solution. 

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As mentioned, obtaining an EAC certificate or declaration could be tricky because, without an appropriate plan, the EAC certification or declaration process could be delayed. Some of the reasons for delay could be not having proper knowledge of complex certification requirements of a particular product, submission of inaccurate forms or documents, inappropriate communication and follow-up with certification authorities, and more.

JR Compliance-an award-winning compliance service provider guarantees to guide you throughout the process to obtain EAC certificate with the best of our knowledge, guidelines, and standards; we assure to acquire the EAC certification or declaration within the Custom Union market. 

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.

Have questions? We've got answers.

What does TR marking indicate?

TR marking in conjunction with CU indicates that a product has complied with the technical regulations of CU or EACU.

Who needs EAC certification or declaration?
  • Importers
  • Sellers
Does your product require EAC certification or declaration?

Whether a product is required to obtain the certification or declaration depends on the characteristics, HS code, functions, and purpose.

Moreover, an EAC declaration is issued for the products which involve less risk. In contrast, EAC certification is issued for high-risk products. 

What is the HS code?

Harmonized System (HS) code is the standard numerical code used to classify traded products. 

The territory of the Custom Union includes?

The Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Russian Federation are included in the territory of the Custom Union. 

What is the validity of the EAC certification?

The validity of the EAC certification is five years. 

Will there be any penalty on selling non-EAC certified/declared products in the Russian market?

Indeed, if a seller sells the products in the Russian market without EAC certification or declaration, the penalty will be imposed. 


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