Delhi Forest Department

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Overview of Delhi Forest Department

The constantly changing lifestyle is leading to urbanization. However, the dependence on natural resources is undeniable, as is the side effect of urbanization. 

The sustainable use of natural resources seems to be a perfect solution to this issue, which is why Delhi Forest Department seeks to preserve the forest in an attempt to secure the natural resources.

To achieve the above mentioned objective, according to National Forest Policy, 1988 at least 1-3rd of the areas of a state must be covered under forest. While the area covered under hills and mountainous areas is 2-3rd, this has been done to minimise soil erosion, land-degradation, and to ensure stability of the ecosystem. 

We - JR Compliance with an objective to encourage sustainable development has been extending our scope of compliance. Obtaining DPTA permission is as important as EPR approval, DPCC certification, and more and we understand that environment preservation is the responsibility of not an individual, but all.

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Process For Granting of Permission Under DPTA

An application will be duly submitted.

Initial scrutiny will be done by a Tree officer.

Thereafter, a Tree officer will allocate an inspecting officer to examine the application.

An inspecting officer then will allot an inspecting date for assessment.

The report will be submitted by the inspecting officer.

If applicable, the Tree officer will submit the report to the higher authority.

As applicable, the application will be rejected or in-principle approval will be given.

If an in-principle approval is given, fee payment will be done.

Once the payment has been made, final permission will be given by the Tree officer.

DPTA permission from the Delhi Forest Department includes several steps which require proper coordination, meeting the established parameters, documentation, and more. This certification process makes the DPTA permission process quite challenging, especially considering the fact that not many compliance consultancy firms can provide you assistance.

However, the importance of forest or natural resources is undeniable, so, considering its necessity JR Compliance has come up with an integral approach to meet all the requirements included in granting of permission under DPTA.

Our Role in Obtaining DPTA Permission

Our DPTA consultants will provide you all the information in regard to DPTA permission and its other aspects.

We will invest our sustained efforts in obtaining grant of permission under DPTA.

Filing the application is an important aspect in the DPTA permission, thus, we will file the information to the best of our knowledge.

We are equipped with all the necessary resources to conduct a pre-audit, if required.

Our DPTA consultants will  coordinate with the Forest Department regularly for proper follow-ups.

In case rejection of application, we will analyze the concerned issue to complete the registration process within defined time. 

Our experts will provide you 24*7 support to solve any query you may have.

Delhi Forest Department


Obtaining DPTA permission to cut single or multiple trees falls under forest is mandatory because in one or another way, it is affecting the environment. However, it is a well known fact that with urbanization the forest areas have been decreasing, that is further affecting the natural resources.

Thus, keeping the preservation of the environment in sight, JR Compliance - an award winning compliance service provider has been providing DPTA consultancy services at reasonable and with best of their knowledge. 

To be noted, as it is an obligatory requirement #1 compliance service provider must be your choice to continue your project further and to avoid any penalty which could impose on you.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact us immediately.

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