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What is IRAM Certification?

Argentina’s Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación, referred to as IRAM, carries out the conformity assessment and certifications, which are obligatory to obey in Argentina. 

Moreover, IRAM is a certification body which was established in 1935 for electronic technology products approved by the Argentina Accreditation Organization (OAA) and for compulsory certification products approved by the Government of Argentina.

In a nutshell, the fundamental motives of IRAM involve standardization, product certification, management system certification, and ensuring following appropriate processes and services.

Considering certain expectations, Argentina’s Resolution #SC 171/16 to obey the mandatory compliance with applied safety standards that are applicable to most of the electric or electronic products with the rating under 50V, and above 5kVA or 63 A.

We - at JR Compliance pride ourselves on providing competent, reliable, and flexible solutions to your global compliance needs. Be it determining scope of mandatory certification requirements, problem in understanding the undefined or evolving rules and regulations, language barrier, and more - we have got you covered.

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Types of IRAM Certificate

S Mark is principally applicable on household and lightning equipment or components such as LEDs, fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, and other alike devices.

Validity of the certificate - 1 year

Maintenance requirement - The surveillance activity required at least one inspection in every one hundred eight days from the date of the certificate issuance.

S Type certification mostly applies to the ITE and other similar electronic devices.

Validity of the certificate - 1 year

Maintenance requirement - Yearly surveillance activity required to be conducted by the local importers, using the samples obtained from the market or warehouse of importers.

Lot approval is most appropriate for one-time or low volume shipments of electronic devices. 

Validity of the certificate - Per lot

NOTE- S Mark and Lot Testing as preferred certification schemes are mandatory for all product types. However, S Type certification will be gravely restricted and authorised based on the case by case basis.

JR Compliance is a high quality, safety, and sustainable solution provider to each aspect of the IRAM certification, be it testing, auditing, inspection, and certification, we have an integrated approach to all compliance management requirements. 

Since 2013, we are committed to fulfilling our fundamental motive, that is making compliance management effortless for our clients because our core values lies in providing reliable and adaptable services within our client’s time constraints.

How to Get IRAM Certificate? (Certification Process)

The application for IRAM certification will be duly filled.

A product testing report and CB report will be issued to signify that the product complies with the established standards. 

Thereafter, a factory inspection will be conducted.

The application form will be submitted along with the technical documents.

If a product has complied with the established standards, the IRAM certificate will be issued.

JR Compliance is the one of the finest compliance service providers which takes care of testing and certification by investing our sustain efforts to meet the time constraints without compromising the quality of the service. Within our best of knowledge regarding guidelines and standards, we guarantee to provide you 100% support in achieving compliance to our client’s consumer and industrial product.

JR Compliance - an award winning compliance service provider possesses the experience and capabilities to provide complete assistance in meeting the Argentina’s Regulatory requirements and procuring required approvals.

Moreover, if you are looking to obtain ENACOM approvals which is applicable on the public switched communication networks and wireless product - our consultants have got you covered.

Our Role in IRAM Certification

We will educate you regarding each aspect of how to get IRAM certification - to maintain transparency.

Our IRAM certification consultants will inform you under which certification type your product falls. 

We are equipped with the latest technology to conduct the virtual factory inspection, if required to ensure everything is up to par.

We believe in maintaining the long lasting customer relationship which is why we guarantee to assist you in maintenance requirements under any certification scheme, as and when required.

We are committed to provide competent and reliable services by meeting your time constraints without compromising the quality of the service. 

Our competent consultant also informs you whether ENOCOM (Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones) applies to your product or not.

Our IRAM certification consultants are aware of the local legislature, requirements and guidelines which are applicable to the IRAM certificate, and we are equipped with experts and resources to take care of everything. 

Our IRAM consultants will provide you 24*7 support to resolve any query, you may have in regard to how to get IRAM certification.

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Obtaining IRAM certification can be challenging and tedious, especially if you are doing it for the first time because it involves comprehensive activities which includes testing, inspection, determining under which scope of certification requirements a product falls, identifying which product certification scheme applies on a product, and more. In brief, you need an expert consultant to complete the obligatory certification guidelines.  

JR Compliance - an award winning compliance service provider is the finest option to take care of every aspect of the certification requirements because we are equipped to take care of  technical or technological aspects of the certification process, including conducting pre-audit, virtual inspection, and any other requirement which may occur.

Contact our experienced and professional experts who will assist you in following obligatory requirements applicable to a product, documentation, and certification - we have an integrated approach to your all compliance management needs.

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