Argentina ENACOM Certification

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What is ENACOM?

Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM) is an authority which is responsible for providing certification to manufacturers who are engaged in manufacturing devices which use radio frequencies. 

As a matter of fact, radio frequencies are not good for the final consumer, yet, with development, it is considered necessary to improvised these devices. Thus, more exposure to the radio frequencies. However, Argentina’s government has implemented certain standards which are obligatory to follow. 

Argentina ENACOM certification is obligatory to enter into the Argentina market. In  nutshell, without ENACOM type approval certification, a product can not sell or distribute in the market. 

Moreover, only obtaining ENACOM type approval is not enough; you are also required to visibly apply its official logo on your product to reflect the conformity of the product with the established guidelines.

What is the validity of ENACOM certification?

Argentina ENACOM certification is valid for three (3) years.

Where should you implement the logo of the ENACOM?

It must be labeled on the product. However, if you can not apply it on the product, then it should be printed on the user manual or package of the product.

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Argentina ENACOM Certification

The certification process or requirements of Argentina ENACOM includes different processes - 

The application form will be duly filled.

Thereafter, as per the certification, RADIO CLUB will review HERTZ report or TAD procedures will be followed, and any other process which may apply.

Once the certification will be done as per the established standards, ENACOM certification will be issued.

As mentioned, ENACOM certification procedure differs depending on the ICT and Postcards. For instance, in Remote Procedures (TAD), registration on the HERTZ portal is required. 

So, to obtain Argentina ENACOM certification, an expert consultant will be required who can take care of each and every aspect of the certification, including providing information regarding ICT and Postcard certification process. 

You are at the right place - we JR Compliance are equipped with all the necessary resources to keep ourselves abreast with the certification requirements (be it ENACOM type approval or IRAM certification), and local laws of the country. So, contact us for reliable and expert services and get your certification done.

Our Role in ENACOM Type Approval Certification

Our Argentina ENACOM certification consultants will provide you with complete information in regard to the ICT and Postcards certifications processes. 

We guarantee to invest our sustained efforts in completing the documentation timely and accurately. 

Our Argentina ENACOM certification will take care of each aspect of the certification.

We are committed to keep ourselves abreast with the latest information and local laws of the country to complete all the certification requirements.

Our Argentina ENACOM certification consultants will be available 24*7 to resolve all your queries, if you may have any.

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ENACOM type approval includes different certification processes for ICT and Postcards, thus, implying varied requirements - that makes the ENACOM certification quite complex, especially for the layman.

Why not to contact a reliable consultant - who can take care of your certification requirements and eliminate all your worries. 

Here, JR Compliance has come up with an integrated approach to make the certification process seamless, because we believe in completing our projects accurately and seamlessly, without compromising the quality.

Obtain a satisfactory customer experience by contacting our reliable experts.

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